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This MARE had been groomed in convent school, where morality was laid on so thick, that she was perennially left with a sense of guilt. The easiest way to sense a guilt ridden soul is to check if they, at the start of any activity, indulge in a seemingly innocuous question IF THE ACTIVITY WOULD PLEASE THE ELDERS OF THE FAMILY & SCHOOL. If the answer is a YES, then the morality had seeped into their souls thru constant indoctrination.

The mares raised in a liberal atmosphere are more likely to do whatever they want and if thwarted, would ask WHAT IS WRONG?The liberal ones want to know the PRINCIPLES, but the convent groomed ones constantly require the mental REASSURANCE of their superiors. Herein lies the difference and consequently their behaviour.

This buxom mare, in its youthful exuberance and self-assured morality had launched into an enviable career. She…

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