Here Charitable Individualism is the key!… nothing less.


There was this Muslim friend of mine, who was not merely curious to attend a church service but also eager. THE KORAN had said a lot about Jesus, and his discourses with me did not exactly match with my interpretation of Jesus. This must have triggered his curiosity and as planned, attended a Sunday morning service. He sat through the whole service- of course he stood up when the singing, gospel reading and Nicene creed were sung or uttered, as the case might be.

He was quite attentive during the sermon and i was under the mistaken belief that he was cogitating and comparing the various points said in the sermon.

After the service was over, the congregation came out of the church and were socializing with their friends and acquaintances. I had also met a lot of my friends and introduced them to my Muslim friend. All went well and on our way back, i asked him his impression of the church service. His epigrammatic statement was not merely withering, but made me look at what he uttered differently.


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