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The Cookie!

There was this guy called Ian, who was a cookie! A true blue COOKIE!

What the hell is a Cookie? A cookie is one who has shortage of Knowledge. Knowledge of the kind which is sceptical and asks himself whether what anyone says is TRUE or not.

This is a strategy “I  TRUST you, therefore YOU TRUST me“! So Ian was the type who never showed that he suspected anyone and as a favour he wanted others to believe whatever he said.

He was  in relationship with a woman called Wyes, who was a smart ass. She wanted to get him photographed in an ATM center so that she could prove that he was misusing her account! One day she told Ian, “why don’t you pull out some cash for me from my account? She handed over her CREDIT CARD and said that  the PIN was 1793,” and that she wanted 500$ in cash

So he took the driver along and they reached the ATM booth. Ian tells the driver, “please pull out 500$ for Ma’am- the number is 1793”! The driver returned with the cash and asked Ian to take them back.  Instead the driver was  promptly  told to retain the credit card and upon reaching home to  hand over the Credit card with the cash to Wyes. The driver went handed over the cash with the credit card. She was stunned, did Ian hand over the cash? she asked.

The driver said No Ma’am. i used yr credit card and said Ma’am i myself typed 1793!

She saw that Ian had outwitted her! He left no trail for her to cook up stories!

Comments on: "The Cookie!" (2)

  1. sometimes lack of knowledge and wisdom saves people from falling prey to others….. He was lazy enough to go to the ATM so he sent the driver, and lo he was saved

  2. But in my story, Ian was fully aware of Wyes’ wiles. Therefore he played his cards real cool. That was the point i was trying to make.

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