Here Charitable Individualism is the key!… nothing less.

The biggest hurdle one faces with asking God for Death, Destruction or Deprivation is that, like all other prayers, none of these would be taken up and  granted IMMEDIATELY. Consequently, the human mind  goes back to its bitchy ways and repents for  having made those negative prayers.

But when any of those negative things aforementioned happens, the mind says, ” DO YOU REMEMBER THAT YOU WISHED FOR IT ONCE? NOW THEY ARE ANSWERED!”

Let me narrate a story concocted by me based on the above principle.

One day a snake met God and when God enquired him of his weal, the snake said that even though he was harmless people chased him and harmed him. So God asked what he wanted, the snake replied, “I WANT YOU TO GIVE ME FANGS AND POISON TO INJECT ON PERSONS AND ANIMALS WHICH ARE LIKELY  HARM ME.”

God granted its wish and the snake immediately developed  poison glands and the fangs to inject the same on whomsoever he wished. Armoured with his fangs and poison, he became a feared creature and both humans and other animals avoided the snake.

Many years later when God met the snake and enquired his health, the snake was thankful and added that now he was not molested as before as he had the minimum deterrent of poisonous fangs and that the animals have understood it.

When the years of the snake drew to an end, one day he felt a shooting pain on his mouth. He could not understand the reason, his body was heating up that he felt his blood on a boil. Unbearable, he shouted for God’s help and God appeared before him. The snake asked God to remove the excruciating pain he was going through.

God said, “See, the pain you feel now is nothing but the poison, which you had held back in your own glands, mixing in your own blood stream. It is merely the laws made by me which are taking their course. Now that  your poison sac has lost its toughness, the poison is seeping into your blood stream and causing this pain. So please bear with it and go through it, as it is my PRINCIPLE that HE WHO LIVES BY THE SWORD SHALL DIE BY IT and I see no reason why I should change the principle.”

As God completed the line, the snake felt his life ebbing out, his resistance was gone and he surrendered to the principle. As he lay dead, a few rats which passed by said, “where was the need for him to inject the poison, when all he wanted was to eat us for food? I had seen our brother rats twitching in pain when the poison of this snake made their nerves jangle! Thank God he is dead.” The rats seldom realized that it was the same poison which got the snake.


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