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Maria Susairaj goes to Mumbai seeking work in the film/fashion industry, meets Neeraj Grover, spends a night with Grover in her apartment in Mallad, Mumbai. The next morning a Naval Officer Jerome lands up at Mallad, finds Grover answering the door in the nude. Enraged, Jerome stabs Grover and Grover is killed.

The above is the kernel of the story, but along the way much embellishments have been added both by the defence and the prosecution to make either the death look gruesome or show that extenuating circumstances existed to justify the down scaling of this happening from Murder to homicide.

In any case, Jerome is convicted of Homicide and Maria is convicted under 201 of IPC for destruction of Evidence. Her sentence being 3 years, she walks out of the cooler, goes to a Chruch and sheds tears and walks out again. Ram Gopal Verma is inspired to do a movie on her – interesting!

Whether she accommodated Grover for the night, to  obtain a role or for a roll under the sheets, is not clear. Each had been resiling from his/her earlier statements. So we have to take them at the word UTTERED IN THE COURTS! Jerome had spoken to Maria the previous night and whether he sensed something  wrong or was he invited by Maria, would be difficult to tell. In any case, he lands up from Kochi and kills Grover.

K M Nanavati’s case had more outrage as that was in the 50’s! Besides many similarities, both the women were Christians and both the persons accused of murder were Naval Officers. Most importantly, both the women’s morals were NOT brought into question. The issue was confined to see if the death was due to MURDER or Homicide. STRICT APPLICATION OF MACAULAY’S IPC! Jerome was not married to Maria and therefore there is no SOCIAL LOCUS STANDI eliciting any sympathy to the cuckolded husband.

What was Neeraj Grover doing in the nude at Maria’s house?

Did Maria tell Grover that she was in a serious relationship with Jerome and that his advances (if any) were not welcome?

Did Grover force himself upon her?

Did Maria and Jerome plan to ensnare Grover and then have him killed?

I have more questions than certainty of any answer. AMEN.

What i like about the public is that there is no sympathy for Jerome, who was cuckolded by Neeraj and got convicted by Maria through her evidence in court. I like MARIA’s gumption in calling a press meet and declaring her INNOCENCE. She should be surely thinking that all men are dumbos like Jerome.

I wish Jerome had made up his mind about the quality of the woman chosen by him, and walked out of Maria’s house and found a new life for himself on the day he flew from Kochi. Poor fellow, he is in the cooler and seven more years to go! She’s ready to receive more wild oats! And she has reconciled with her God (so she says……)- for what may i ask?



  1. babu said:

    Maria is an accomplice to the homicide and I feel she should have been convicted for atleast abettment.


  2. movid said:

    Thank you for yr comment. Yet, as per evidence, Maria had not invited Jerome to rescue her from Neeraj. It seems that Jerome sensed something wrong and landed up in Mumbai. Then the judge says Jerome got provoked, when he saw Neeraj answering the Maria’s house door in the nude. So here the “EVIDENCE’ is one man’s word against another. Three were there, one is no more and Maria says she did not KILL Neeraj, and in deference to Maria’s statement Jerome takes upon himself, under the provocation clause.
    So she cannot become an ABETTOR. She could have helped disposed of the body of Neeraj thereby instrumental in “destruction of evidence”.
    But underlying all this is the fact that she was TWO TIMING and allowed Jerome to “sense’ that she was UPTO SOMETHING. When he came looking, he found what he did not want to find. But this is no ground for provocation as the law doesn’t recognize the relationship between Maria and Jerome as EXCLUSIVE.
    SO Jerome goes to the cooler for 10 years.
    I like Maria in that she probably had a physical relationship the previous night, ALLOWED him to be killed by another man the next morning; slices up the last night’s lover; disposes of the body with the WINNER OF THE DUEL and to top it excuses herself from the killing of Neeraj in the courts!
    What a stupid demon! She was neither discreet, nor could she keep her paramours discrete!


  3. movid said:

    The latest is that, Maria is being offered a role in BIG BOSS, Reality Show for all of us to see this shameless woman!
    Our justice system is ADVERSARIAL and not INQUISTORIAL. Had it been the latter, the Judges could resort to other sources for ascertaining the TRUTH Just because she got the benefit of the system, she is going to town talking as if she is an innocent babe in the woods!
    I wonder why Maria was not forced to go thru a vaginal swab to see whose sperms were still swimming in her passage! After all for 72 hours sperms could be alive in the vaginal passage. This could have proved her two timing- nothing wrong in the eyes of the law.
    Did she not know murder of PASSION?
    She could have avoided , the boys she had taken, from coming face to face- both would have survived – one in Life and the other in the OPEN!


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