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Karnataka as a State of India has become a home to animals (both wild and domesticated) goring men, women and children. The recent instance of three wild elephants entering the city of Mysore and killing a security guard of an ATM, is the latest one which has got my goat.

I hate people who ooze with sympathy towards wild as well as   domesticated animals which harm, threaten and sometimes bite or gore humans. These persons  sympathize with the animals, on the grounds that they do not understand what they are doing!. Well, may be these animals do not know what they are doing, but we in the society know the consequences of these animals not knowing what they are doing- and therefore we have to empower the common man in the art of self defence.

A few weeks back in National Games Village in Bangalore,  a small boy of  around 7 years was surrounded by a pack of stray dogs. The boy was so terrified that he was howling and calling out to his mother who was probably in the 3rd or 4th floor of the nearby block. I could hear her telling her son to stay still, till she came.

The way the boy howled still reverberates in my ears. I took the lift down to take my car and ram those stray dogs, which had been fed and raised by those good Samaritans who claim to be “kind” towards animals. By the time i reached, the boy ‘s mother had reached and i saw her walking her son, with him turning again and again and looking at the following pack ,with eyes drying but still sobbing  with convulsions to his breath.

I cannot forget the sight. I drove the car chasing the pack, which was still following the mom and son.

In the Mysore incident, some morons have been talking endlessly that the elephants had come from as far as 40kms, etc etc.. So who should care for those “histories” of the creatures, which have killed humans and destroyed properties. NOT ME AT LEAST.

What the hell were the police doing? They all are equpped with .303 rifles and two shots on the head of those rogue elephants would have killed them. That is the least preventive action which should have been taken, as the elephants had already left proof of their peaceless trail. But they waited for some forest officials to come to the spot and fire , quite ineffectually, 3 tranquilizer shots. I could see the needles sticking like hypodermic insulin injections. The elephants naturally could not be brought down.

Why are we making our citizens GUILTY?

I am sure there must have been many who could have brought down the rogues with their licensed guns, yet none dared to kill the elephants. They must have been worried about consequences of shooting down 3 elephants. There are umpteen Acts like The Wild Life Act which would make them culpable! Then those daily visits to police stations, courts, appeals and finally a term in jail too- to boot!

So we have made a generation of GUILTY Indians, with all our wrongly placed sympathy and legislations.

The LAW grants immunity to individuals, even for murder, committed in SELF DEFENCE. But here in India, the question which would be asked is, “DID THE ANIMAL COME MENACINGLY TOWARDS YOU?” and if not the Police would still register a case and take it to trial. They mighty even suspect that he killed the elephant for their tusks!

There have been instances where stray dogs have killed children in Bangalore. I remember a picture where a stray bull had cornered a lady and she was standing petrified behind a cycle, trying to get help from the public in the meanwhile.


All this is because we have no sense of BALANCE. If one goes to the wild and kills an animal, the person who killed the animal has to prove that he had done it in self defence, but in a public place within the city, there is no such need. Any animal which threatens or harms a human could be killed, if there is no other way of controlling the animal.

If killing foxes and minks for their fur is inhuman, so is watching helplessly with a gun in hand- when a stray or wild animal is on a rampage in cities, towns and villages killing humans and damaging properties.


Let us dump all this PETA stuff and make our citizens commonsensical. First HUMAN LIVES, THEN THE ANIMALS.

“If a madman were to come into this room with a stick in his hand, no doubt we should pity the state of his mind; but our primary consideration would be to take care of ourselves. We should knock him down first, and pity him afterwards.” Dr. Samuel Johnson

I hope all those PETA sympathizers would stop inflicting guilt in the minds of our people, especially when it is in self defence.

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