It is not very common to find this expression MAHOUT MENTALITY. But, if we understand the methods which a MAHOUT employs to control, exploit, manage and show helplessness when the ELEPHANT turns “musth“, we’d be able to identify the people who have a similar mentality.

The most important thing before a man becomes a mahout is for him to IDENTIFY an elephant. Once identified, then take over the control of that elephant. Mind you, the MAN never goes to the wild to capture an elephant, he merely identifies a temple elephant, a draught elephant or a circus elephant. They are already DOMESTICATED and are familiar with the spear used by the mahout to harass the elephant. They are nothing but soft targets for the mahout and once he gets into control, he merely has to know how to exploit the strength of the ANIMAL.


The mahout is the least creative of the human specie. He is a CONTROLLER and an EXPLOITER. He is the most despicable of the human lot. More so because an ELEPHANT, which is capable of crushing to death any creature on land, is made thru fear to listen to the MAHOUT’S commands.

This MAHOUT MENTALITY is exhibited by individuals in INSTITUTIONS. Such persons are low on CREATIVITY and high on CONTROLLING other human beings. They are not productive themselves, but in the guise of organizing PRODUCTIVITY, take control of the INSTITUTIONS. They are CUNNING and use all kinds of subterfuges to keep the SYSTEMS or INSTITUTIONS under their CONTROL.

In India there are a few states, which voluminously produce such MAHOUTS. They want to become SUPERVISORS and ADMINISTRATORS they do not want to become SKILLED persons. Being a skilled person still puts them at the MERCY of the persons who hire them. They do not want to work, all they need is to CONTROL and EXPLOIT. It is that which is their priority.

WHEN I SEE SUCH TYPES, I SHUDDER- how long, how long are they going to remain this way?  They network to CONTROL, they do not believe in HARD WORK- that is for the elephants to do. BEWARE OF MAHOUTS. The states which produce MAHOUTS, do not prosper, they just produce excellent MAHOUTS who control SYSTEMS and INSTITUTIONS who go foraging for SYSTEMS and INSTITUTIONS outside their own states. In their states there are no ELEPHANTS (systems and institutions), so they migrate to other states and start exploiting the ELEPHANTS. They call themselves SMART, they do nothing for their OWN STATES. In fact nothing can be done, no one in the MAHOUT’s state is willing to build a system.


Getting curious- to know which states? Well, LOOK AT THE MENTALITY OF THE PEOPLE OF EACH STATE AND DISCOVER for yourselves. The process is interesting……….