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What i love about Thamizhnadu is that there CAN BE no such thing called COLLUSION between the TREASURY BENCHES and the OPPOSITION. That is the only safeguard for DEMOCRACY. In the name of CO-OPERATION there are instances galore, where the Government of the day would make the opposition an accomplice to their doings. This could happen even if  the OPPOSITION itself feigns ignorance as to why it AYED a motion! The common man is never gonna know about the SETTLEMENT reached between the legislators on top. AND THE LAW PRESUMES THAT ANYTHING DONE BY THE GOVERNMENT IS DONE RIGHTLY- to rebut that one has to produce the proof to the contrary. And, the STANDARDS OF PROOF is so stiff that there is no possibility of proving the same. In Thamizh Nadu there can be no such collusion between  the TREASURY BENCHES and the OPPOSITION, as they are irreconcilably POLARIZED.

So the COMMON MAN  in Thamizhnadu has and will INTUITIVELY choose two LEADERS who COULD never ever collude with each other.

It is a sort of PREVENTIVE ACTION.

If POLITICS is the ART OF THE POSSIBLE, then as a responsible electorate certain possibilities are to be PREVENTED. That preclusion, is in the interest of DEMOCRACY.

Once both the leaders get elected and are on top and outside the earshot of the public, their collusive whispers should not give sleepless nights to the electorate, because of their LEGISLATION and decisions . The people of Thamizh Nadu are clever, but how this is achieved considering the vast number of voters, is still  a mystery to me.

I think there are certain FUNDAMENTALS to THAMIZH NADU politics.


Roughly translated, it means NO BROTHER CAN HELP LIKE A SOUND HIDING! It means, to learn self-help techniques, the best way  is to get hit!! If someone has the patience one should go through the following 3 links of YOUTUBE, which show a 10% vote-catching party supremo in Thamizh Nadu, VIJAYAKANTH, beating the hell out of his own party candidate who dared to climb the ladder in his caravan to correct Vijayakanth who , while  introducing him to the local electorate, had called him by some other name. The TEMERITY shown by a candidate now (pre-election)- by daring to climb the ladder in the caravan- might result in CROSS VOTING, ACCEPTING FAVOURS FROM THE OTHER PARTIES, horse trading etc later. This bashing has a CATHARTIC EFFECT on the other candidates of his party more than the one who was at the receiving end. The second link shows VIJAYAKANTH  admitting before another crowd, that if at all he had beaten anyone, then he was his own party man and not somebody else’. SO MUCH FOR DISCIPLINING which is the norm in Thamizh Nadu politics. The HIERARCHIFICATION is BRUTAL and RELENTLESS.

Vijayakanth\’s bashing

I am reminded of an anecdote: Napoleon was on his horse and the place was windy and consequently wind blew his hat off. Down fell the hat and no officer was around. You see, the French are very snobbish about their dress and they don’t appreciate people below a certain rank  touching  those, so Napoleon the General calls out the soldier and says to him “CAPTAIN, FETCH MY HAT”. So  thereby the foot soldier got promoted. Napoleon promoted him to fetch his cap, but Vijayakanth humiliated him before giving him an opportunity to become a legislator. But in both the instances they received what they did not deserve!

The third LINK is for those who know English but do not know Thamizh.

So getting back to our DEMOCRACY, Thamizh people know that if you get the leader right, his FLOCK is sure to follow.

And Vijayakanth is not the only one who had done this or started this. There has been a story that a Leader summoned a person, who dared to get familiar with his girl (who is supposed to have been an actress then),  to his resting abode and splintered his back. The same leader is supposed to have summoned then an up and coming Hero and harassed him to that extent that hero went mad (or feigned madness)  for a while.

Another adage in Thamizh is : AYINDHIL VALAYADHADHU AIMBATHIL VALAYUMA? (what doesn’t bend at 5 will it bend at 50?) So i suppose the disciplining effect imparted on the juniors at a very early stage gets them to be more disciplined. They learn the hierarchical structure faster than the serfs who serve their Feudal LORDS.

Today (ALL FOOL’S DAY), DECCAN CHRONICLE has reported: Speaking at a meeting in Virudhunagar, Stalin said, “It is a common error on the part of party leaders to forget the names of their candidates, and normally people will rectify their mistake. But look at Captain, he started punching the poor young man who tried to correct him,”.

There is a saying in THAMIZH : AADU NANAIJIDHUNU OONAI AZHUDHUCHAAN (the wolf shed tears when the goat got drenched in the rains!). Stalin’s concern for the bashed seems more to keep up Stalin’s veneer of HUMANENESS, before the gullible men, women and kids!

Each is fishing for votes thru different means in Thamizh Nadu. BOMBAY MIRROR reports that Election Commission contended before the Madras High Court that cash was transported thru police vehicles! Does one call it an allegation when the Election Commission makes such statements before the High Court. And why did the defendant not ask for proof? – The TN Government knows that the Opposition in TN could not have done that, after all TN POLICE   falls within the jurisdiction of the CM who holds the Home portfolio! So why insist on proof and get one’s own name sullied? GOOD MOVE. And why did not the EC bring out the proof and display it for the world to see? That is even more intriguing!



It is not very common to find this expression MAHOUT MENTALITY. But, if we understand the methods which a MAHOUT employs to control, exploit, manage and show helplessness when the ELEPHANT turns “musth“, we’d be able to identify the people who have a similar mentality.

The most important thing before a man becomes a mahout is for him to IDENTIFY an elephant. Once identified, then take over the control of that elephant. Mind you, the MAN never goes to the wild to capture an elephant, he merely identifies a temple elephant, a draught elephant or a circus elephant. They are already DOMESTICATED and are familiar with the spear used by the mahout to harass the elephant. They are nothing but soft targets for the mahout and once he gets into control, he merely has to know how to exploit the strength of the ANIMAL.


The mahout is the least creative of the human specie. He is a CONTROLLER and an EXPLOITER. He is the most despicable of the human lot. More so because an ELEPHANT, which is capable of crushing to death any creature on land, is made thru fear to listen to the MAHOUT’S commands.

This MAHOUT MENTALITY is exhibited by individuals in INSTITUTIONS. Such persons are low on CREATIVITY and high on CONTROLLING other human beings. They are not productive themselves, but in the guise of organizing PRODUCTIVITY, take control of the INSTITUTIONS. They are CUNNING and use all kinds of subterfuges to keep the SYSTEMS or INSTITUTIONS under their CONTROL.

In India there are a few states, which voluminously produce such MAHOUTS. They want to become SUPERVISORS and ADMINISTRATORS they do not want to become SKILLED persons. Being a skilled person still puts them at the MERCY of the persons who hire them. They do not want to work, all they need is to CONTROL and EXPLOIT. It is that which is their priority.

WHEN I SEE SUCH TYPES, I SHUDDER- how long, how long are they going to remain this way?  They network to CONTROL, they do not believe in HARD WORK- that is for the elephants to do. BEWARE OF MAHOUTS. The states which produce MAHOUTS, do not prosper, they just produce excellent MAHOUTS who control SYSTEMS and INSTITUTIONS who go foraging for SYSTEMS and INSTITUTIONS outside their own states. In their states there are no ELEPHANTS (systems and institutions), so they migrate to other states and start exploiting the ELEPHANTS. They call themselves SMART, they do nothing for their OWN STATES. In fact nothing can be done, no one in the MAHOUT’s state is willing to build a system.


Getting curious- to know which states? Well, LOOK AT THE MENTALITY OF THE PEOPLE OF EACH STATE AND DISCOVER for yourselves. The process is interesting……….


He thought the best line he had ever invented was: TO TRUST A WOMAN IS STUPID, BUT TO SHOW HER THAT HE DIDN’T TRUST HER WAS DOWNRIGHT FATAL.

Initially i thought that the statement was puerile, but a lil cogitation on the statement threw up interesting IDEAS.

Between the two that is TRUST ON A WOMAN and SHOWING A WOMAN THAT HE DIDN’T TRUST HER, there was a great swathe of land with IMMENSE possibilities. What are the possibilities? Why should a MAN not trust a woman? Why should he NOT show that he doesn’t trust her?

MAN can never COMPREHEND a woman’s mind. She could make up anything except her mind. Even if she ever did, that making up is subject to many provisos and exceptions and conditional clauses. Man can never FOLLOW HER COMPREHENSION. Can anyone tell why Cleopatra withdrew her navy when Antony was badly in need of her? Can anyone tell why Delilah would want to discover and destroy the strength of Samson? Can anyone tell why Emperor Justinian’s wife Theodora led a dissolute and scandalous life despite sharing the powers of the throne? NO ONE CAN.


So, in the process of management the line TO TRUST A WOMAN IS STUPID, BUT TO SHOW HER THAT HE DIDN’T TRUST HER WAS DOWNRIGHT FATAL seems to hold good!!



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I have been asked many a time, as to why i take on to blogging? Especially when i know that nothing substantially new was being said which would edify the reader.

I have only one answer, it is INKY GARRULITY. I have an urge to say something which i presume had been discovered by me. When the discovery had been made by me there is an irrepressible urge in me to say it, and the blog is one place where i could say what i feel. At times when i go thru my old entries i wonder if i had written it at all!

It is therefore a journal of my thoughts at that particular moment.

I am reminded of a story narrated to me:

A young boy seated at the window of a moving train was looking through the window and telling his father, “Dad, see that is a tree. ” after some time as the train was still moving he told his father, “See dad, that is a hill.” After some time he pointed to a waterfront and said , “Dad that is a lake.” The dad was responding and saying ‘yes’ every time his son pointed to such inane things like these. The co-passengers in the meanwhile had felt sympathetic towards the father and thought that the father had to put up with a moron like that. So one of them said, while the boy went to the toilet thus : WHY DON’T U TAKE HIM TO A SCHOOL FOR SPASTICS AND MAY BE HE WOULD GET BETTER.


The co-passengers were ashamed at jumping to such conclusion without giving the benefit of doubt to other possibilities. Likewise, my INKY GARRULITY is merely like the newly acquired sight of the boy, who was identifying sensually the concepts learnt by him without sight.

INKY GARRULITY – this is in print but………… tolerant……. i may have my reasons too!


This blogger is thoroughly unqualified and doesn’t have the stature to dabble in issues so exalted such as involving the Supreme Court of India and the Office of the Chief Vigilance Commissioner, yet as an INDIAN who has been granted the liberty by the Constitution of India, is emboldened to state his views.

We had embarked on the path that if the parts are GENUINE the final product HAS to be GENUINE. A thought which i think holds good in Mechanical goods, but in the conflict between INDIVIDUALS and the INSTITUTION the same may not hold good. The reason being that the individuals are ORGANIC and a genuine individual, by himself not changing his priorities  may catalyze or be susceptible to allow the other more powerful parts into UNWHOLESOME practices.  This is why INSTITUTIONAL INTEGRITY is a must.

The credit for this coinage should go to Kjell Engelbrekt an Associate Professor in the STOCKHOLM UNIVERSITY. His article titled ”The Impact of Enlargement on Institutional Integrity in Central and Eastern Europe”, in Perspectives on European Politics and Society, in 2009.

This construction of INSTITUTIONAL INTEGRITY has been used by their Lordships to show how a person’s PERSONAL INTEGRITY alone cannot be the determining factor when he is made to HEAD an INSTITUTION. He should have the MORAL AUTHORITY to withstand the pressures of the systems falling within his INSTITUTION. This would have been a big challenge, as there are so many charged officers in the Government of India who are languishing without promotions and opportunities as the RULE prohibits such charged officers from becoming eligible for higher posts. When such is the case, how could an Officer who had been himself charged, head an INSTITUTION which is NODAL in determining the HONESTY QUOTIENT in the civil services.

This  blogger believes personally that Mr. P.J. THOMAS would not PERSONALLY indulge in anything bordering DISHONEST practices. I remember in 1980, when Mr.P J Thomas  was on a visit to the shrine in Velankanni in Tamil Nadu, despite his batch mate being the District Collector of Trichy would not even stay in the PWD guest house paying a nominal rent ( even though he was eligible for that facility) instead would either stay with his friends or rent a hotel room paying a modest rent. That was his HONESTY QUOTIENT.

This must have weighed heavily in the minds of their LORDSHIPS and distinguished the tricky issue by invoking INSTITUTIONAL INTEGRITY aptly and leaving the PERSONAL INTEGRITY issues for the trial courts to decide.

That Mr P J Thomas had the PERSONAL INTEGRITY made him withstand the pressure mounted by the MEDIA for his resignation. Unless a man has  personal integrity, he would not have had the guts to withstand such pressure mounted by the media in the name of the Central Government. Thankfully we have a LANDMARK judgment which has used the construction INSTITUTIONAL INTEGRITY to bring another aspect to our vibrant DEMOCRACY. Had Mr P J Thomas meekly resigned we would not have had a judgment which has added a sparkling facet  to PRINCIPLED DECISION MAKING by the SUPREME COURT of India. The Chief Justice and his puisne justices have to be applauded for this great judgment.



AHAB & his wisdom!

This is not AHAB of Moby Dick of Herman Melville, but about Ahab, the king of Israel and husband to the wicked (?) Jezebel of THE BIBLE. Ahab comes out something like MACBETH, in a sense that he heavily depended on his spouse to egg him on to do the deed or get the deed done thru the efficiency of his spouse Jezebel. The history of AHAB and Jezebel could be found in I Kings.

Despite all his failings, AHAB uttered a line which reverberates in my mind very often and the verse is reproduced below:-

Let not him that girdeth on his armor boast himself as he that putteth it off. (I Kings 20:11)

There are people who boast before they have achieved the task on hand. Probably they need that boastful talk to work themselves to do the task, but they should not talk like those who have achieved certain things in their lives. Here the imagery is a contrast between an armed man who has successfully returned from the battlefield and the one who is preparing to go to the battlefield. Their LANGUAGE OUGHT TO BE DIFFERENT. The one who had returned ALIVE has reasons to boast, but the one preparing to go is yet to overcome and survive.

AHAB MAKES A BRILLIANT POINT THAT ONE DOESN’T KNOW THE OUTCOME OF A BATTLE AT THE PERSONAL LEVEL. If we read history, Sher Shah Suri won his last battle, but he died of the wounds received by him during the battle. THE BATTLE WAS WON BUT THE KING DIED. Another example is Admiral Nelson, who won the battle but waited for the victory and died immediately thereafter. So both Admiral Nelson and Sher Shah Suri did not have the TIME to GLOAT over their Victories.

It is that TIME in a person’s LIFE which AHAB talks of. One should NEVER EVER use the language of a SURVIVOR if  one is embarking on a task which could make a demand on his LIFE!

With this one statement AHAB redeems himself, quite a bit in my opinion.

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