Here Charitable Individualism is the key!… nothing less.

The Constitution of India envisages thru various Articles, that the Prime Minister of India should REPRESENT the political will of the nation by his own RIGHT. This gives the Prime Minister to have a Cabinet of his OWN choice; the power to pass a bill in the Parliament and  to pass a motion of CONFIDENCE and secure the same through the members sitting and voting. It is only when the PRIME MINISTER shows to the people of India these POWERS in the Parliament, that HE  is respected as REPRESENTING the will of the people of India.

When such a PM visits any state head quarters on an official visit, the Chief Minister of the State would not have the guts to NOT be in attendance . ALAS! but that is not to be. The PM of India visits Chennai, the CM goes to attend a function of book release of a POET! I am not impressed.

I know that in the scheme of things the CM might be low in the TABLE OF BUREAUCRATIC PRECEDENCE but the CM is not sub-ordinate to the PM. Yet courtesy demands that the CM receives the PM. Well that has been the practice.

But why did this happen? I believe that such a thing would not have happened if Mr.Manmohan Singh had won a couple of electoral battles himself  and had OCCUPIED that seat in his own POLITICAL RIGHT and NOT AT THE PLEASURE of someone else. Further, the party which had propped him has not offered the post through internal democracy either. Compounding these factors, the CM Mr.Karunanidhi is emboldened to ignore the PM of India.

The political party which raised objection and whisper campaign against the POPULARLY elected leader has done great disservice to the Constitution of India. The POPULARLY elected leader who has succumbed to the NON-CONSTITUTIONAL pressure has by-passed the LETTER and SPIRIT of the Constitution of India.

If at all we want to amend the provisions of the Constitution, we should Amend it through proper procedure. If the situation has risen before AMENDMENT, then let the Constitution prevail at that point and then make it an agenda get the political numbers and subsequently amend the provision. If not we would be bringing in too many unwritten procedures to the Constitution and the Constitution would become a MYSTERIOUS BOOK for the clever to exploit.

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