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Whether humans cause the deepam or the deepam appears on its own without human aid, shouldn’t disturb a person who has no FAITH in the pilgrimage to the Iyyappan Temple in Kerala. It is purely a question of FAITH, yet if a person who doesn’t subscribe to that FAITH were to scrutinize the basis of MAGARADEEPAM on REASON, he ought to be a RATIONALIST with a ZEAL to spread SCIENTIFIC TEMPER on fellow human beings.

Except for RATIONALISTS, there is no REASON for anyone to question the “divinity” of the DEEPAM which goes off on Makara Sankranti. I have seen people belonging to other FAITHS criticizing the belief of the devotees of Iyappan especially with regard to the DEEPAM, which is think is nothing but a pot calling a kettle black. Any FAITH, has its bedrock a BELIEF which upo scrutiny would not stand the test of REASON. Where BELIEF comes in REASON has to end. They are  NOT  at VARIANCE with each otherALWAYS, in fact BELIEF is the CULMINATION of  REASON in certain cases.  For example, that the sun RISES in the East is directly percievable through our senses, but the TRUTH is that the Earth rotates on its own axis towards the Eastern direction and therefore APPEARS as if the Sun rises in the East. So the perception is overruled by a BELIEF in the discovered knowledge of science. But for our day to day living we need the sensory BELIEF more than the TRUTH. In the earlier case, we believe because with DILIGENCE we would be able to arrive at the scientific TRUTH by getting on to a rocket and “seeing” the EARTH from outside the EARTH. In the latter case, the Sun appears to rise in the East and it allows us to function our day to day lives with that belief- even though it is false.

Likewise, the FUNCTIONAL element in a belief is also the TRUTH, when it does not interfere with another’s LIBERTY or RIGHTS.

In the case of MAGARADEEPAM, there are millions of devotees who are not interested in knowing “scientifically” the reasons for the deepam. Don’t they have the LIBERTY to have a BELIEF in such an happening? They definitely do have the LIBERTY- then why do we disturb their FAITH and question the basis of such FAITH.

The High Court of Kerala asking for scientific proof for MAGARADEEPAM in the wake of the tragedy of the death of 102 persons, seems to me to be beyond the necessity of judicial determination. When pilgrims have been thronging, it is the duty of the local authorities, police, the state government to provide the infra-structure and also regulate the traffic for orderly conduct of the darshan on the given day. Merely because, a tragedy has happened the society cannot be allowed to scrutinize the REASONS for such aggregation of persons on one single day and discredit MAGARADEEPAM on scientific grounds and thereby hope to reduce the influx of devotees on that day.

Let us not merely respect others’ LIBERTIES, but also give all support and voice in protecting their LIBERTIES . May INDIA blossom as a land of LIBERTY.


He used to pitch the stake and she used to throw the quoit around it. Twelve on the last count. She had the knack to get it right every time she quoited the stake.

The rules had been changed considerably. When he was younger she used to throw the quoits and he had to chase with the stake and ring the quoit into the stake. The game was counted and every time the quoit hit the ground the girl was in giggles, and naturally he lost a point. The clumsiness she had induced in him during the chase and the lengths to which he had gone to ring his stake with her quoit was amusing. She took great pleasure in watching him chase the quoit, stumble and scramble upto position to ring the next quoit,and this  was all a ritual. A RITUAL which kept them not only occupied but imbued in each others activity.

Both used to return from work, yet their tiredness wouldn’t deter them from playing the stake and the quoit.

Years rolled by and he got tired of chasing the quoit. He thought to himself, why chase the quoit, why not see if the quoit was interested in ringing the stake. From a CHASER he had developed a temperament of an OBSERVER. This attituidinal change had been partially because of the INDOLENCE which had crept into him and partially because he wanted to explore the mind of the QUOITING female. More or less a gender issue had wormed its way in. He felt like a BADSHAH, who would lie supine on his bolster and sipping his wine and watch the game go on!

He decided to make a stable stake by half burying it on the floor and she had to throw the quoit around the stake. Her markswomanship (in deference to the rabid feminists!!) amazed him. Her concentration before each throw was intense and she wanted each throw to be a clean one. He became an observer and delighted watching her quoit the stake.

They play the game and change the rules to add spice to their game of QUOITS – did i miss a “u” between the T and S?

Karna & Ekalavya.

Both Karna and Ekalavya are symbols of self-taught highly skilled persons who were defeated because they lacked the MENTAL PRESCIENCE to foresee the consequences of their WORDS and their COMMITMENT to keep their word even to their detriment.

Karna was thought of to be a charioteer’s son and Ekalavya was born to a then thought to be a lower caste woman. But both were highly self motivated INDIVIDUALS who believed that through planned and sustained hardwork they would be able to achieve the highest distinction in their chosen field. Coincidentally the chosen field of both of them was ARCHERY. We all know that Ekalavya had shot off a string of arrows on the mouth of a barking dog and thereby silenced the dog without killing the dog. Likewise Karna was able to shoot not just one eye of the wooden bird, but both the eyes with 2 arrows strung in a a single bow shot. It was these display of their skills which alarmed the GURUS.

The gurus were DRONACHARYA for Ekalavya and Bhagwan Parashurama for Karna.

Ekalavya had not been taught by Dronacharya yet his discipline and his ‘will to skill’, just like Nietzsche‘s  “WILL TO POWER” , was so consuming that he made a statue of Dronacharya and believed in his blessings and learnt the skill of ARCHERY. When Drona meets and asks for the right thumb of Ekalavya, he does not THINK why on earth would Drona want his right thumb? In his passion for learning the skill of ARCHERY, Ekalavya had ignored developing his PRESCIENCE. There was no BALANCE in his EDUCATION. His skill was not tempered with the higher knowledge that anyone who asks for your life or your tools of life is your YAMA.

In KARNA’S case it was the curse of Parashurama which did him in. Karna had lied to Parashurama that he was a Brahmin (and Parashurama hated Kshatriyas) and when the endurance of Karna, while offering his lap for a pillow raised Parashurama’s doubts regarding Karna’s varna, Karna admitted that he was NOT a Brahmin and earned the CURSE of Parashurama.  But it was not the CURSE per se which did Karna in, but his promise to Kunti that he would not use the astra a second time which did him in. It is the lack of PRESCIENCE, again- like Ekalavya.


The point to be made in this blog is that SKILL in unsuited hands is quickly deprived by the ACHARYAS. These Acharyas are the final arbiters to decide whose hands are suited and “unsuited”!



2. EVERYONE IS FIGHTING FOR THE RESOURCES (capital, land and labour of fellowmen)


Ekalavya and Karna were victims of lack of ADVISERS. Had Karna gone to Duryodhana and asked him about the promise which Kunti wanted him to make, Duryodhana would have advised him to falsely promise Kunti and NOT to keep it in the battlefield when other LIFE issues are at stake. Likewise, if Ekalavya had asked an adviser, he would have enlightened Ekalavya to tell Drona, ” As Drona was only his MENTAL GURU and was not directly involved in mentoring him, Drona could have Ekalavya’s right thumb MENTALLY too!”.

Contrast this with what Lord Krishna tells Arjuna in the battlefield: DO NOT FAIL IN YOUR DUTY. A statement which is disguised in NOBILITY but the underlying principle is that EITHER YOU KILL OR GET KILLED. CHOOSE LIFE OR DEATH. It is that choice of LIFE over “oaths” and “promises” and “respect for elders” which is recommended. ARJUNA chooses LIFE as if he was merely doing his DUTY.

But Karna and Ekalavya fall victims of their “WORD”.

What the GURUS teach the pupils are different things. A guru knows that a WORD given, is to be honoured, but not at the cost of one’s LIFE. There is a primary “DUTY” one owes to oneself.

But that is a lesson to a Kshatriya, what is taught to a Vaishya is that DO NOT HAVE FALSE MEASURES, DO NOT MAKE UNCONSCIONABLE PROFIT. What is taught to a Sudra is: BE OBEDIENT; RESPECT ELDERS; GIVE YOUR LIFE FOR THE DUTY ASSIGNED TO YOU. So one could see that the same Guru teaches different things to different classes of people. That is why the Gurus were apprehensive about taking and mentoring pupils outside a particular class. Drona did not want the self taught Ekalavya to use even his self taught skills. Parashurama did not want a Kshatriya to have the skills which could be detrimental to his BRAHMIN class. In effect each GURU has his niche pupils. To overcome the WORD, PRESCIENCE is needed.

A good example is King Solomon. He was truly PRESCIENT. Solomon’s mother Bathsheba asks Solomon to give the Shunamite for wife to his half brother Adonijah. Solomon tells Bathsheba, ” Why do you ask for the Shunemite and why don’t you ask for the kingdom instead?” Solomon foresaw that Shunamite having been with King David in his last days had been witness to the machinations of Bathsheba and if she were to become Adonijah’s wife she might, in all probability, squeal about the intrigues conducted by Bathsheba, Benaiah and Nathan. So Solomon not merely denies the Shunamite’s hand, but gets Adonijah killed for having asked!! That is PRESCIENCE. When one has been raised in palaces one knows the CONSEQUENCES of one’s decisions and to FORESEE that and to decisively act is DESTINY.


Why we need a political PM?

The Constitution of India envisages thru various Articles, that the Prime Minister of India should REPRESENT the political will of the nation by his own RIGHT. This gives the Prime Minister to have a Cabinet of his OWN choice; the power to pass a bill in the Parliament and  to pass a motion of CONFIDENCE and secure the same through the members sitting and voting. It is only when the PRIME MINISTER shows to the people of India these POWERS in the Parliament, that HE  is respected as REPRESENTING the will of the people of India.

When such a PM visits any state head quarters on an official visit, the Chief Minister of the State would not have the guts to NOT be in attendance . ALAS! but that is not to be. The PM of India visits Chennai, the CM goes to attend a function of book release of a POET! I am not impressed.

I know that in the scheme of things the CM might be low in the TABLE OF BUREAUCRATIC PRECEDENCE but the CM is not sub-ordinate to the PM. Yet courtesy demands that the CM receives the PM. Well that has been the practice.

But why did this happen? I believe that such a thing would not have happened if Mr.Manmohan Singh had won a couple of electoral battles himself  and had OCCUPIED that seat in his own POLITICAL RIGHT and NOT AT THE PLEASURE of someone else. Further, the party which had propped him has not offered the post through internal democracy either. Compounding these factors, the CM Mr.Karunanidhi is emboldened to ignore the PM of India.

The political party which raised objection and whisper campaign against the POPULARLY elected leader has done great disservice to the Constitution of India. The POPULARLY elected leader who has succumbed to the NON-CONSTITUTIONAL pressure has by-passed the LETTER and SPIRIT of the Constitution of India.

If at all we want to amend the provisions of the Constitution, we should Amend it through proper procedure. If the situation has risen before AMENDMENT, then let the Constitution prevail at that point and then make it an agenda get the political numbers and subsequently amend the provision. If not we would be bringing in too many unwritten procedures to the Constitution and the Constitution would become a MYSTERIOUS BOOK for the clever to exploit.

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