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INFOSYS is the HOLY COW of India. If one talks of WIPRO or SATYAM (now MAHINDRA blah blah blah..) one is not faced with stiff resistance, but if one were to talk of INFOSYS it is very likely that the images of Narayanamurthy, with his innocent lisp and his spouse Sudha Murthy with her looks of modesty (despite having huge holdings and thereby tax free dividends from INFOSYS and no apparent reason to be hugely humble about) are brought in and the critics are silenced. Therefore this CHOPSHOP stuff could not have emanated from India. In INDIA we create HOLY COWS and refrain from viewing- leave alone talking- critically of  them. We love our IDOLS to be SACRED.

INFOSYS is SACRED in India. But we have this senator Charles Schumer who calls INFOSYS CHOP-SHOP, which was shocking to most Indians. INFOSYS had been one tech company which had not got bad press ever. But according to me, it is easier to avoid BAD PRESS, if one were to be  HUMBLE and DOESN’T INDULGE IN PROFITEERING when he could have. INFOSYS and its management have been very careful in following these 2 principles. HUMILITY is not necessarily ABSENCE of ARROGANCE, it is mostly SUPPRESSION of the MANIFESTATIONS of ARROGANCE in INDIA!!

The time has come when we are under an attack from Schumer and his ilk, who seem to be  catering to the resentment of their constituents, and indulge in MUD SLINGING.  If we truly want to rise above these derogatory phrases, we should do some soul searching to find out whether we are CHOP SHOPPING or truly being CREATIVE and providing original solutions,


Comments on: "CHOP-SHOP & INFOSYS!!" (3)

  1. movid said:

    This is the latest from INFOSYS, an HR Manager by name SATISH kUMAR GUPTA murders his wife PRIYANKA and goes jogging. Makes a 40 sec mobile call from his dead wife’s mobile to his mobile and thinks that the cops are dumb.
    Hey Mr.Satish Gupta, u must be a moron. Do not think like yr boss Narayanamurthy that joining a queue in MacDonalds is like joining a queue for obtaining a school application form or getting a travel ticket for train!! Cops are not that dumb and what cheek to implicate his best friend!! I do not know the reasons for the murder, but to conceal that in such fashion seems puerile!!
    INFOSYS seems to have acquired a new meaning for CHOP SHOP!! (Thank you Charles Schumer)
    Mr.Narayanamurthy has lost his bearings when he says that the politicians are to be educated and IAS is to be restructured to accommodate TECHNOCRATS! If INFOSYS had made its fortune by battling it out with the umpteen departments both state and central, NARAYANAMURTHY would not have been emboldened tro yap these lines.
    He is not the only HONEST and LAW ABIDING citizebn in the country, he should be HUMBLE and keep his driveling mouth shut and thank God for his GOOD FORTUNE!!


  2. allow fair comments said:

    Whatever, everybody has their views. Based on H1B usage Infosys can be fairly called a body shop, not chop shop.

    This website (link below) had posted an earlier fax message from US Senators to Infosys. I thought quite interesting to read how these things work out in US, there is no “SACRED COW” treatment of course.

    We should all know facts before we comment.

    But finally fair comment should be allowed if we believe in transparency, freedom of expression and governance.


  3. movid said:

    Hi ALLOW FAIR COMMENTS, thanks for a response.
    ty for the unsolicited piece of advice “We should all know facts before we comment.” , if that were to be the case, then there would be no freedom of expression. Everyone has to spend his lifetime probing facts before he starts talking.
    The H1B issue is yr own interpolation. That is not the issue here. It seems to be a RED HERRING let loose in yr fervour to defend INFOSYS.
    What Mr.Schumer had stated was CHOP SHOP. What he was probably referring to was that there is a thin difference between INNOVATION and INVENTION. Invention requires thinking out of the box and providing an ORIGINAL solution and not an INCREMENTAL benefit like INNOVATION.
    The solutions provided by doing some jugaad here and there, is done in a chopshop with the parts pilfered from another finished product.
    I have a strong feeling that INFOSYS’ solutions border on such INNOVATION and aptly qualifies for such remark. It is that difference between the Japanese cars and the Korean cars!! I hope Mr./Ms. Allow fair comment, u get the drift!!


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