Here Charitable Individualism is the key!… nothing less.

In India, there is a general apathy towards any system, which is a direct outcome of not only the illiteracy, but ignorance of the purpose of systems. For example a QUEUE is a simple system that organizes the desired point of ACCESS in a disciplined manner to not only to avoid DISORDER and CHAOS, which leads to logjam and thereby defeating the purpose of ACTIVITY, but also to recognize the PERSON who joined the QUEUE and grant PRECEDENCE. Thereby a QUEUE allows free flow towards a predetermined FUNCTION.
Let us take specific examples, to reach a ticket counter one may have to join a queue to get the benefit of precedence and thereby access to the desired point or take an exam and qualify before being put in the rolls in a job or apply for a tender and get chosen for executing the task. In all these the PRINCIPLE of the QUEUE is involved even though in the second and the third examples the QUEUE PRINCIPLE is not so apparent.
Jumping the queue is the common complaint of many persons who cite instances where someone jumped the queue because of positive discrimination, privilege. These are allowed in LAW, but there are instances where jumping the QUEUE is caused by persons using FORCE, CORRUPTION and INFLUENCE. This is not only disheartening to those who are already in the QUEUE but also slows down the system to accommodate irregularities, on concocted principles.

The biggest challenge faced by a person in the QUEUE is that when he doesn’t get to SEE those joining the QUEUE ahead of him, but feels that he has stood long enough to have moved much further up whereas that had not happened and that he is stuck. By then precious TIME is lost and RESENTMENT MOUNTS and like the genie bottled up gets PERVERSE and INVENTS ways of not only getting ahead but also to use the same methods adopted by those who had jumped earlier to get even “AHEADER” than even those who were ahead of him in the queue rightfully. Like Shakespeare’s immortal line of Sonnet 94, ” LILIES THAT FESTER SMELL FAR WORSE THAN WEEDS“.  This is the BREAK POINT. This reaches a critical point when a threshold is reached. This THRESHOLD is palpable but undefinable. It is for the MANAGERS of the system to identify and defuse this PERVERSION of the JUSTIFIED RIGHTEOUS RESENTMENT. Otherwise, the system fails and the OBJECTIVE of the system gets ALTERED.

The problem with the queue getting longer ahead while one is still standing in the queue is the BANE of the Indian systems. There are too many people citing legally approved joining points to carry out their agenda through FORCE, CORRUPTION and INFLUENCE and this has to be stopped, if we want to get greater compliance and purposeful deeds from our brother Indians.

Hope we would have MANAGERS (read as politicians, administrators, regulators etc..) who would rule with greater EQUITY and contain the fissiparous forces.


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