Here Charitable Individualism is the key!… nothing less.

When a corner is being taken in soccer, one could see that the players -defending as well as the corner awarded players -jostle for space near the goal mouth. This jostling reaches such proportions that one could see players crumble in packs and some rising over the crumbled players and head in or out the ball.

The issue is “WHEN A BALL IS HEADING TOWARDS A PLAYER’S HEAD AND THAT PLAYER IS WAITING FOR THE BALL, SHOULD ANOTHER PLAYER GO OVER HIS HEAD AND HEAD THE BALL AND FALL ON THE FIRST PLAYER INJURING HIM?” Would that act of falling on the first player who was standing there prior to the second one reaching there be an infringement? Or was it the duty of the first defender to move out of the way of the falling person?

The whole sequence could be mentally expanded, but in real-time the sequence is so fast that it is not possible to be so clinical.

I wish i had a slow motion shot of a sequence where the defender was waiting to head the ball and the ball was reaching him, but another player butted in from a distance and met the ball before the ball could hit the first player and fell on the first player with a thud. Is the aggression allowed or is running into nuisance allowed?

It probably needs a Lord Denning to resolve this issue.   The bigger problem would be to frame the issue!

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