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There has been a lotta brouhaha about the way the Spaniards had lifted the World Cup, especially with stories as to how the Spaniards had been subjected to much violence on field by the Dutch. I do not deny that there has been rough play by the Dutch, but the Spaniards have not been angels either.

If there was one team that relied purely on their skill minus fouling the opponents with body-line tactics, it was the Germans. Yet in the semi-finals against Spain they were fouled twice (Oezil) inside the penalty box, without any remedy from the referee. The roughest tackles came from Ramos, and at least in 3 instances he should have been given an yellow card, yet it was surprising that the referee read those as minor infringements!! The Dutch served them well in the finals, taking the tournament as a whole.

To accuse the Hollanders for having played rough with the Spaniards is ignoring poetic justice. Had Robben scored that goal which accidentally tipped the toe of Casillas, the story could have been very different. But there is no point in pondering on “could have beens & should have beens ” as the proof is in the lifting of the world cup, which the Spaniards did somehow!!

The type of soccer played in the Continent is NETWORK SOCCER, whereas the South American soccer is skill based individual soccer. It is sad to see that network soccer has won over skill based soccer this time around, even Robben with his blistering pace and accurate kick couldn’t get the goal, which was saved by the foot of God!!

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