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World no.1 in Tennis and the newly crowned French Open Champion- NADAL.

He is everything that i don’t like a tennis player to be, yet i can not help admiring him.

He comes out as an emotionally vulnerable person who badly needs a nice dose of mothering. I remember that statement when he said after his runner-upship in a grand slam tournament: IT IS NICE TO HEAR ALL THE NICE THINGS BEING SAID ABOUT ME, BUT ROGER IS THE WINNER, YOU SEE!! That statement truly reflected his unaffected EMOTIONS. His inability to assimilate the loss and the disappointment so vividly laid in words for everyone to see.

Very rarely one gets to see such unadulterated EMOTION displayed at this level with all its pristine purity. It is then that one thinks that the RACE SHOULD NOT be merely for the swift, nor the battle to the strong.

When he rolled in the red clay of Rolland Garros  after this year’s win with his veins all standing out and him crying relieved after the previous year’s loss, was truly comforting for me. In any case it spared me the sight of Federer crying!!

NADAL makes one identify oneself with him, whereas a FEDERER makes one see him with awe. After all i am human and i’d rather be a participant in Nadal’s emotions than be awe struck at the genius and talent of a Federer!

Soderling was not only not a match for the fire and exuberance of Nadal, he lacked the cool precision of his erstwhile compatriots like Edberg and Borg. Had Soderling stretched the match to a five setter probably, Nadal would not have been left with so much of emotions to display!

But can any reader of my blog enlighten me as to why Nadal was sucking at the knob of the trophy? It looked very juvenile- maybe Nadal has just started a new TRADITION to the French Open!!


Comments on: "NADAL!" (2)

  1. george said:

    Rightly mentioned about Nadal… i love to see him lose.. i wish that he loses every close match.. i wish he lost in the 1st round of roland garros.. got injured for Wimbledon… But HE has something about himself which makes me love to hate him. He will be never in the all time great list but the man has guts..he has the BULL in him. A bull fighting the lioness till the last breath..or sometimes pulling it off.. Federer looked a shadow of himself in the last match seemed uninterested or may be he felt deep in himself till he lost the match that Oh… i pulled off two five setters i will do it this day also. But as always as i am seeing since 1981 KINGS falling.. But this King i presume will come back and win it a couple of more times.AWE..and truly the all time greats.

    Tomas Berdych… are we seeing the beginning of a new IVAN LENDL..i presume not.. a one off win..LENDL not a talented or gifted player by birth. The very picture when i saw it on google right now where i went to check his spelling made me write the following words.. strength..guts.. ability..belief.. The way he used to bite his lips while getting his guts in place and nod his head i still cant forget.. 1984 French open..The bridegroom tag which was officially given to him was lost for ever..after that he had a higher winning ratio against the so called BRAT of tennis. THE only person with whom i did not like Lendl to win was BEcker..


  2. movid said:

    Hi George, do you remember that famous statement GRASS IS FOR COWS? popularized by your Ivan the Terrible, but originally coined by Manuel Santana (ironically 1966 Wimbledon winner!).
    What i liked about Ivan was that despite not being hugely talented, put in effort in the same direction after 1982 ( when he buzzed off on a vacation during Wimbledon) with the assistance of Tony Roche (a grass court player) and made it 7 times to the semis and above. It was amusing to see him serve and volley. He was a mathematician not an artist- that was the problem.
    Nadal doesn’t exhibit the iron curtained Czech grit of Lendl, but a child like belief that he CAN do it. Nadal is also an EFFORT man and i like him for that.
    I saw Lendl as the man to whom Jesus gave only one talent- GRIT, and he made 10 talents out of that.
    But i am puzzled as to why u love Becker over Lendl ( maybe u like his back room activities and his escapades which were supremely well disguised under that Teutonic determination)!
    No less is our Negroid determination to shell out close to a billion dollars to shut the mouth of Elin Nordgren (Tiger’s tigress!!)
    The big boys probably know that chips lost cud be earned, but HONOUR- never!!lol Like they say in Hindi IZZAT AANE WALE JAANE WALE CHEEZE HAI!! Even if HONOUR is lost IMAGE could still be recouped with the right EFFORT!!
    Thanx for the response George.


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