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Experience is the most AUTHENTIC assurance of a FACT. By EXPERIENCE, i mean a SENSE experience, which gives the person the greatest assurance that he felt or sensed something. But the trouble with an experience is that, no one could be fully aware of one’s own experiences in totality- in effect it is a MONTAGE and pieced together to give it a MEMORABLE SHAPE.

These MEMORIES linger and waft to our consciousness from time to time and refresh our being.

So a SENSE person has the greatest difficulty to surmount. He is denied an opportunity to logically proceed without a SENSE related EXPERIENCE. In the process gets STUCK with his experiences and REFUSES to RECOGNIZE non-sense related experience.

In fact his existence is confined to the PHYSICALLY probable experiences.

To such a person, the intangible SOUL, SPIRIT and CONCEPTS become nothing but theories floated to defraud people.

EXPERIENCE, that way denies a person the ability to CONCEPTUALIZE. Without CONCEPTUALIZATION progress gets stunted. Therefore EXPERIENCE is the most OVER-RATED virtue.

Experience, may be the best form of EVIDENCE in Law, but the worst form for personal GROWTH!!

Comments on: "Experience!" (4)

  1. isis said:

    I think in my EXPERIENCE you are wrong there.. lol


  2. movid said:

    Ty Isis, but where? lol too………


  3. Isis said:

    LOL… Would tell you.. but my this opinion is due to my own EXPERIENCE.. and even if i try to make you understand, according to YOUR BLOG, u will never get it…. so what’s the use :p


  4. movid said:

    lol but u could put in an effort…….and probably take a chance on enlightening a contemporaneous human being!!


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