Here Charitable Individualism is the key!… nothing less.

Yeah! this post is about the same Bianca Jagger, who was the first wife of the volatile,  lip spouting Mick Jagger of  ROLLING STONES.

Bianca Jagger was in India on a visit to Niyamgiri Hills in Orissa, where  there have been disturbances by the local population regarding the mining of Bauxite. This has been reported in the TIMES OF INDIA, Bangalore Edition dt. 14/05/2010. During the course of an interview, Bianca Jagger had made a very pertinent statement : CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY IS NOT ONLY ABOUT HOW CORPORATIONS SPEND THEIR MONEY, BUT ABOUT HOW THEY MAKE IT.

In the earlier part of the interview with Rema Nagarajan, Bianca had said how the exploitation of the 21st century is not through colonization but by Government aided acquisition of rights of mining, timber cutting and other activities by CORPORATIONS, all in the name of “DEVELOPMENT”. The acquisitions severly hurt the  indigenous population which faces discrimination and displacement. The local population loses its means of livelihood, emotional attachment to the property is severed without compensation, tantalising promises are made by the corporate bodies prior to the acquisition and seldom performed after the records are in their favour! The local population neither has the means nor the governmental support to sustain the original claims of the locals.

This plundering was clearly envisaged by the CONSTITUENT ASSEMBLY members and Article 31 was enshrined in the Indian Constitution to prevent the Government, from treading on private property without adequate compensation. But the Members of Parliament over  a period of time, have trodden upon, those originally received, FUNDAMENTAL RIGHTS on some feudal philosophy, and have made themselves, as a class, indispensable in deciding as to whether even the private property should serve public purpose or not!!

No doubt the VEDANTAs , the TATAs & the RELIANCEs have the rights to all these lands and the natural resources, and the benefits shown by the political class are employment, development to that locality and the cess and taxes which accrue to the government coffers. The gains by these private CORPORATIONS are never quantified publicly and much less publicized!!

No one is cribbing about the benefits richly reaped by the corporations resorting to these activities, but an INDIVIDUAL’s private property should not be ACQUIRED so blatantly and the HUMAN RIGHTS made a mockery of. All liberty to the Corporations should be worked around the INALIENABLE RIGHTS GRANTED to AN INDIVIDUAL. Much less, the Government should not make itself a party to the Corporate LUCRE AGENDA ( which thrives on quarter to quarter results) in the name of DEVELOPMENT.

IT IS TIME WE RESTORED ARTICLE 31 OF THE CONSTITUTION, AND GAVE IT THE MEANING AS INTENDED BY THE FRAMERS OF THE CONSTITUTION. Things have come to such a pass that the panchayat leader is buzzing around in his roaring scorpios and sumos threatening and hierarchifying the local population in the name of growth and development.

BIANCA JAGGER is the right person to take up this issue- if she felt hurt by her husband’s infidelity with Jerry Hall and famously declared: MY MARRIAGE ENDED ON MY WEDDING DAY, AND had seen her marital rights whittled away because of the waywardness of  her errant husband, and had gone through a lot of difficulties in her young age, BIANCA JAGGER would be the right person to empathize & publicize these fundamental issues.

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