Here Charitable Individualism is the key!… nothing less.

Oxymoronic it might sound, but the title has been chosen to convey a particular emotion. The mental curiosity to clandestinely enjoy the VULGAR goings-on, yet never to be noticed evincing interest in the vulgar, is the predicament of the cognoscenti. WHY? Because LIFE comprises of the EARTHLY and the Earth cannot be ignored. So the VULGAR, are the most grounded people, the others like a trunk or a branch, go away from the earth. To put it in botanical terms the VULGAR are geocentric and the COGNOSCENTI are  helio-tropic.

The VULGAR are seldom ELEGANT. Irrespective of what the dictionaries might say, the meaning of ELEGANCE is very difficult to define with scientific precision. Elegance is poise in motion, supremely attractive despite its surroundings and more than anything else seizes one’s attention- despite one’s prejudices. That is ELEGANCE.

When i see BEYONCE KNOWLES gyrating in the most vulgar way, her movement is not off-putting, instead it has besides the rhythm, a smoothness of movement, which captivates and rivets my attention. I haven’t watched vulgarity with so much mixed sensibility, as when i watch Beyonce. A true blending of the VULGAR and the REFINED!!

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