This was the statement which sparked off a spate of cases being filed by the advocates in TamilNadu in 2005. It was election time and the only person who stood by Kushboo was Mrs.Manirathinam (Suhasini).

I ain’t no Voltaire yet, “I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it,”

What i fail to understand is that, what has education got to do with the opinion of a man wanting to have a virgin bride or, shall we call it, “a fallen woman” bride?

Was Kushboo implying that the mark of an educated man was primarily NOT TO EXPECT a woman to be a virgin at the time of her marriage?

Or was it that, VIRGINITY should not be a consideration in an EDUCATED man’s mind?

In any case, i had gathered from the House of Windsors that at the time of the marriage of Prince Charles to Diana, something akin to a virginity test was conducted- either to rule out pregnancy or establish virginity. In any case, i cannot consider the Windsors as UNEDUCATED.

Further, in the BIBLE, it is a command given to the tribe of Levi, that when they wive they shall take VIRGINS. Further, in the Bible, one of the defenses given to the bride, when her newly wed husband deserts her, is that she and her family shall show the BLOOD STAINED bed-sheet that was supporting their first conjugal bed and thereby absolve the wife of all blame and get the price of her virginity and she shall NEVER be put  away  by her husband (Deuteronomy 22).

Be that as it may, may be those are, according to Kushboo outdated norms which should not be supported by the liberated new generation.

The Supreme Court of India has liberated Kushboo from those flippant cases which were filed for obtuse reasons.

Can she not hold a view that is patently false, utterly idiotic and totally unfounded on common sense? and furthermore propagate it? I believe she can. And she did. I do not for a minute say that her opinion was false, idiotic and not founded on common sense, but that she could even say things which are steeped in such circumstances.

VIRGINITY, is there or not there or it has been RECONSTRUCTED, is a question of FACT. If a man has the balls to demand it and get it, it is his choice. If a woman could get married without it, it is her efficiency. If it is demanded by the groom and if it were to be reconstructed and shown by the bride, so be it. These are preferences and stratagems which are shown and resorted to by the hot-headed youths.

Yet as Voltaire said, Kushboo , “I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it,”


When Moses, the Jew, discovered that he was not born to the Pharaoh’s sister but to a Jewess called Joshebeth, he had to decide. Decide whether he was to stay at the palace of the Pharaoh on grounds of charity and continuity, or to assume the responsibility of his recently discovered pedigree, and exit to toil with the Jews- who had by then for all practical purposes have become slaves.


Let me exemplify this from the set of historical facts, from the life of MOSES, which have contributed to the growth of the LABOUR UNIONS.

Continuing with the IDEA of Moses, he decided to identify himself with the Jews who had by then slipped into slavery. From Pharaoh’s son he had plummeted to being a slave. Now like the case of Arion (http://www.classicreader.com/book/2823/27/), who mounted the dancing Dolphins in the mid-sea, Moses went back to his family of Joshebeth, Aaron, Miriam etc.. But what could Moses do without the position and the recognition and the Authority that he enjoyed earlier? NOTHING. Absolutely NOTHING. He even gets angry with an Egyptian for ill-treating a Jew, and kills him. So he escapes when Moses gets to know that the fact of his killing had got around. Lands up in Midian and becomes the Son-in-law of Jethro, by marrying Zipphora.

Now at the age of 80 he writes PSALM 90 where he says that a man’s life span is three score and ten or four score. Moses had reached the end of his time. In all likelihood Moses believed in it. But like Dylan Thomas he is not willing to go down gentle into that night without a fight (http://www.welshwales.co.uk/dylan.htm#gentle). Moses makes a last ditch attempt and God appears in a bush of fire.

Moses meets Pharaoh and asks him to relieve the Jews of the bondage and allow them to worship the God of their fathers in the wilderness.


It is this REALIZATION that brings LIBERATION.

Therefore the Jews were made to realize that true LIBERTY is achieved only when they possess their own lands and build their own cities and own their own livestock and worship unhindered their own GOD. They cannot get growth through SURROGACY of building the Pyramids for Pharaohs and making the Pharaohs a rich and powerful dynasty.

Moses weans them away and leaves the Pharaoh with a kingdom without the WORKFORCE.

The maintenance of the cities, the cultivating and loading of the granaries with food grains and being mercenaries in the armies of the Pharaoh all took a beating. All the organizing that was done by JOSEPH, the son of JACOB, was DISMANTLED 480 years later by MOSES. The Pharaoh had been deprived of the workforce, that merely lived on fleshpots and shacks to stay.

From the facts of the life of MOSES, it is not inappropriate to draw the conclusion that Moses was the first TRADE UNION LEADER. But the difference in fact was that he obtained for Jews their Liberty and not better wages and compensation.

The interesting part was that as long as he had the WORKFORCE under him, when he was still Pharaoh’s sister’s son, Moses never thought of their Liberty. It was only after he had reached the time limit of 80 years ( as per Psalm 90), that he took his chance at integrating the Jews with the LIBERTY concept.


South Indian Premier League!

The best part about blogging is that one has the liberty to say the “UNSAYABLE”, the PAROCHIAL and the REGIONAL, which not only reflect the meanness of the blogger but also a nice opportunity to vent the blogger’s  pent up feelings of RESENTMENT.

So on the 18th of April, 2010 Chennai Super Kings and the Deccan Chargers have catapulted themselves to the 3rd and 2nd slots respectively, of the points table of the INDIAN PREMIER LEAGUE. Chennai Super Kings’ party could have been spoiled by the Kings Punjab team, even though Kings Punjab could not have made it to the final four even with a win. It was a delight to see the Jharkhandi Mahender Singh Dhoni take charge from the good work done by Raina and Badrinath.

Tamil Nadu needs a leader from outside the state of Tamil Nadu to perform. Politically if one sees the history of Tamil Nadu, MGR was a Malayali and Ms.Jayalalitha is considered to be a Kannadiga. Tamilians are not particular as to who leads them, so far as the directions are in Thamizh!! Dhoni has been talking a lot about the people of Chennai having tremendous love for him and that they talk to him in Thamizh too!

There are 2 Biharis who have captured the hearts of the Thamizian one is Udit Narain Jha and the other is Mahender Singh Dhoni (presently a Jharkhandi).

Deccan Chargers by any standards do not match up to the batting or the bowling line up of Delhi Dare Devils, yet since DELHI DARE DEVILS also depended on the last match to make it to the finals, this  match assumed the proportions of a knock out match. And Delhi lost.

So we have all the three southern teams and the team from Mumbai (which incidentally is politically ambivalent as to whether it belongs to the Northern part of India or otherwise!!). The allotment of teams had been such that 5 could be considered to be from Northern India and 3 from Southern India. Now statistically speaking there is only .25 probability that a Northern team could win the tournament. With the arrival of KOCHI in the IPL, there would be 4 southern teams and there is also a theoretical possibility from the next IPL that all the FINALISTS could be from the SOUTHERN India.

So to call this edition of IPL as South Indian Premier League 2010, sounds more appropriate!! Sorry Delhi guys, really sorry- after all Delhi is my capital too,  you see!!

The Bitches.

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Zorba had two bitches. Both devoted,  devoted to such an extent that they were vying with each other to show their affection towards Zorba, that they had lost all originality and were turning out to become like the TV channels, which in the course of being one up on the other, ends up IMITATING the other and, the originality shown, if any, is so minutely incremental, that there is no distinguishing factor.

Zorba decided to make up his mind, as to which of the two bitches was more devoted and affectionate towards him.

Upon his return from one of his long jaunts, when he reached the edge of his farm, Zorba saw both the bitches galloping at top speed towards him and was truly delighted to see both the bitches licking, clambering on to reach his face and wagging their tails vigorously. He was all the more confused as both the bitches were so engrossed in showering their pent up affection on their long missing master. Within minutes when Jackie was still licking and wagging, Corinna suddenly got DIVERTED by the affections still being showered by Jackie.

Corinna stopped display of all emotions and started watching Jackie. Corinna had truly run out of all the welled up love, for her master and was cogitating how and why Jackie could shower so much affection on its master.

That thought had made Corinna stop all action and turned her into a JUDGE.

Zorba,  observant as always, saw the bitch’s self-redeeming thoughts.

He let Jackie continue her display of emotions.

Silent as always, thought to himself, JUDGING DESTROYS SPONTANEITY. But lack of emotion made Corinna a judge rather than a good BITCH.