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Tiger Woods has the BALLS. No only that he strikes those till lightnings flash, but also with the thunder that accompany lightning. The latest of his much reported WHAT’S HAPPENING IN TIGER WOODS’ LIFE, is that he has checked into a SEX DE-ADDICTION CENTRE. If he is addicted to sex, he could have had as much as he wanted with his willing wife ELIN Nordegren, but he STRAYED. Straying is not my business, but that he took his marriage vows and resiled from those vows brings disrepute to the institution of MARRIAGE. As i had already mentioned in my earlier blogs, if he had not taken those vows and had been busy sowing desultorily his wild oats, he’d be justified in having gone to a DE-ADDICTION centre.

All this tamasha of him checking into a de-addiction centre seems to be a damage control exercise initiated by his fund managers and agents who seem to have advised him to make use of the vulnerability of the forgiving public, with a view to restore him to those erstwhile heights of a money spinner BRAND.

Was his addiction to SEX so gargantuan? I suppose not. He had been discreet and had indulged in sex with wily, willing and wayward women who upon one skeleton stumbling out decided to demand each’s pound of flesh from BRAND Tiger Woods. Rachel cannot be allowed to walk away with all the glory of having laid the BRAND, so the other ones made public statements so that they also have their fair share of  time in the sun. This is how the cookie crumbled.

But to check into a SEX DE-ADDICTION CENTRE and walk around with an appropriate colour badge to show that Tiger Woods is getting treatment for SEX de-addiction, adds more GLORY to his GORY doings.

Like in the movie PSYCHO of Alfred Hitchcock, here we see Tiger Woods DISOWNING his RESPONSIBILITY and taking protection under a hitherto unknown COMPULSIVE behaviour. I love Tiger’s balls- just like those willing, wily and wayward women.

My prayers go out to Tiger Woods that he comes out of the de-addiction centre REFORMED, so that  brand TIGER WOODS could be further burnished by the carpetbagging agents, sponsors  and purvey TIGER the brand, to the gullible and forgiving masses. I wonder if a TIGER would ever lose its stripes!!


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