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Rathore’s Smile/smirk!

Rathore, the  President’s medalist retired Director General of Police of Haryana and convicted molester of  Ruchika, was shown getting out of the trial courts, after the delivery of sentence of 6 months of imprisonment, in most of the TV channels.

As a DGP he must have been aware of section 375 of the Indian Penal Code  which defines rape and mentions: “sixthly- with or without her consent, when she is under sixteen years of age”. Ruchika was 14 years old when she was “MOLESTED”.

The crux of the issue is that for any offence in the IPC, unless ATTEMPT is made punishable in a charging section, there is no provision to charge a person for “ATTEMPT”. For example s. 307 is the charging section for Attempt to murder, s.309 is the charging section for Attempt to suicide, whereas there is no section “ATTEMPT TO RAPE”, therefore the police and the courts go with section 354, which is titled,”Assault or criminal force to woman with an intent to outrage her modesty”. The maximum punishment prescribed upon conviction is 2 years. Andhra Pradesh by an amendment to this section 354 of IPC, prescribed a minimum punishment of 5 years and a maximum of 7 years. No other state had recognized this lacuna and therefore that SMILE  on the face of Rathore.

If Mr.Rathore had been convicted under section 354 IPC within the state of Andhra Pradesh, he would have received a higher sentence.

One might wonder if Mr.Rathore would have had a smirk on his face if he had been sentenced for 7 years instead of the 6 months awarded to him.

I remember a Thamizh poem written after the assassination of Mrs.Indira Gandhi thus, “IMAI IDHITHTHU KANN KURUDAAGIYADHU”, which when translated into English would mean, “The eyelids struck like lightning and blinded the eyes!” The very eyelids which were to protect the eyes from lightning, struck like lightning and blinded the eyes. How apt, in the context that the very same guards who were to protect the person of Mrs.G, assassinated her! Mr.Rathore’s ATTEMPT TO RAPE, is nothing short of what the assassins did. He being a police officer, should have protected Ruchika, instead he had molested her. Like the prescription of higher sentence to Prison Superintendents and Medical staff in  hospitals for the offence of RAPE, any police officer when convicted of RAPE, should be inflicted with higher /exemplary punishment.

Hope Ruchika’s family gets Justice, despite the lacuna in our IPC.


The fight between Feudalism and Erudition is an ongoing process. Feudalism  as a political tool serves the Lords, but demeans and retards the growth of the governed. So, in a DEMOCRACY, even if one is without the means to have access to good food, good clothing and good shelter, one could still go to a public library read and out of that education he/she could teach/preach and earn his livelihood. More than anything else EDUCATION dispels certain FEUDAL BELIEFS that are foisted in a person’s mind and gives the person an opportunity to look BEYOND THE PRESENT and LOOK FORWARD TO OPPORTUNITIES FOR GROWTH. This ability that EDUCATION provides – 1. to look beyond the present and 2. to look for opportunities of growth. These are what the FEUDAL LORDS DETEST about the effect of education. These two perceptional alterations undermine the stories, perpetuated for the benefit of the FEUDAL LORDS.

SHASHI THAROOR in his tweet on security has tweeted thus:-

“Thx for gr8 feedback on visas.Issue is not security vs tourism,but whether visa restrictions protect our security.26/11 killers had no visas”

Look at the tweet, it nowhere says that visa restrictions should not be imposed. In the next tweet he says thus:-

“Making it more difficult 2 visit India, return here frequently or stay long hurts large nbrs of innocents, costs us millions of$ & alienates”

One should appreciate that Shashi Tharoor hails from(rather represents!) the state  of Kerala, which has a vibrant Tourism industry and it seems a legitimate concern aimed at the electorate he represents. But people like Rudi Pratap who hail from a state, which has no tourism worth mentioning, should not make statements which give a political tinge to it.


SHASHI THAROOR is an INDIVIDUAL FIRST and it is only afterwards that he is a minister. He, as an INDIVIDUAL, has an opinion and has ARTICULATED it in a forum, which by the self-inflicted language barrier, is not naturally accessible to those who do not know ENGLISH. Yet Rudi Pratap, who hails from a state, where the citadels of feudalism have not crumbled, despite Rajendra Prasads and Jai Prakash Narain, is emboldened to impute that a Minister of State (mind- he is not a Cabinet Minister and he has S.M.Krishna who wud represent the External Affairs portfolio in the Cabinet meetings) should not only voice it in a forum, that is denied to more than 99% of the population of India, but also should not  hold an opinion at variance with the government.

Mr.Rudi Pratap, even the cabinet decisions need not be UNANIMOUS. The decision of the Cabinet is a requirement of the Constitution for the validity of its decisions. To ask the Government for an explanation is nothing but FEUDALISM to brow-beat a decent Indian, a Minister of State who is attempting to galvanize, the educated English knowing masses, into democratic action.

People who criticize Shashi Tharoor should read his tweets and be humbled. He brings exclusive insights and poignant perceptions to light in a lucid language.


Oh! Barkha……when will u change?


A topic that mostly revolved around Tiger Woods and his escapades. Barkha Dutt, as usual, butted in incessantly and drove the discussion in the lines that she had pre-decided to go! This is nothing new, and looking for Barkha to realize and reform seems a vain expectation.

It was a great opportunity for DISTINGUISHING the differences between a celebrity who was leveraging his skills off his domain and a celebrity who was creating an AURA beyond the domain. Let me give an illustration: NIKE is a sports equipment manufacturer and is in the same domain as Tiger Woods is, as a golfer. NIKE could still contend that despite his unseemly escapades, nothing takes away the fact that he is the greatest golfer mankind has seen so far (14 majors!). But when GILLETTE, which is known for its shaving products, takes him as a brand ambassador, Tiger Woods has left his domain of specialty and has veered into a territory where he is leveraging his popularity to promote and sell shaving products.

Much worse is when Tiger Woods start endorsing a Management Company like ACCENTURE. When William T.Green, Chairman & CEO of ACCENTURE speaks of the “accessibility, affordability and accountability of  Education in India, and his prescription of making India a Global Education Hub,” there is a jarring note. What did Tiger Woods have to do with a global consulting firm, that could not manage the “affairs” of  it best known face (by hindsight)!! Therefore the point i want to make is that TIGER WOODS chose to use his visibility to promote brands beyond his COMPETENCE and thereby made himself vulnerable to PUBLIC SCRUTINY.

When one of the participating members, Dhabolkar was about to bring in the distinction, OUTLOOK Mehta butted in and the point was never again touched upon. Once i make a statement as an ANONYMOUS person, i am not deemed to be an EXPERT and the viewer is going to count my OPINION as another one in the ocean of OPINIONS. But when a highly visible celebrity makes a statement, he becomes a PUBLIC figure opening himself to scrutiny, by having stated an OPINION on an unrelated area and pledging his credibility.

In the case of Tiger Woods, he had made a statement that his “family” comes first. Which had subliminally added to his “image” substantially. Now that the whole world knows that he had an “EXTENDED FAMILY” consisting of bar-maids and whores, the CONTAMINATION of that FAMILY statement is merely boomeranging. It is that the viewer is HOLDING TIGER WOODS  at his WORD.

So to suggest that a public figure’s life should be beyond the pale of  public scrutiny, is LIKE demanding an unfair bargain: BUY THE PRODUCTS I ENDORSE. BUT IF I AM CAUGHT TO BE OTHER THAN WHAT I HELD OUT TO BE, THEN I SHALL USE MY PRIVILEGE OF PRIVACY AND YOU IDIOTS SHALL HAVE NO RIGHT TO SCRUTINIZE MY PRIVATE LIFE!!

But our desi angrezi steam roller Barkha would have none of the point that was about to be said. She as a moderator of the discussion was pathetic. Her questions were either leading or stifling!!


The last few days have been trying times for Arnab Goswami, Barkha Dutt and their ilk, as they have been battling tooth and nail against the distinctions that the Member of Parliament had introduced, in his now expunged speech in the parliament, on RAPE in Goa.

In all fairness, Shantaram’s sincerity in his presentation of his ideas appear genuine. Maybe he lacks the language skills to present a really complex IDEA.

The Idea sought to be expressed doesn’t seem to be mischievous upon careful analysis.

This is what Shantaram Naik appears to have attempted to bring out:-

One of the most important and the last ingredient in the offence of RAPE is the element of FREE CONSENT. If this element of FREE CONSENT by the woman is missing, then the man is open to the allegation of RAPE if he had had intercourse with the woman who alleges RAPE.

There is a PREVENTIVE part to the offence of RAPE and a PENALTY part to the alleged offence of RAPE.

The police is in charge of both the parts and they are entrusted with the function of PREVENTING RAPE as much as PROSECUTING  the perpetrator of the RAPE. For  prosecution, credible evidences will have to be adduced before the courts to establish the offence. This is easier for the police when there are circumstantial evidences  which show that the WOMAN resisted and sustained visible marks besides other items that leave a tell-tale mark in the place of rape or on the rape victim.

The problem arises when the issue is of the PREVENTIVE KIND. If a couple is seen going together, there is a presumption that they are at peace with each other and the police has no role to intervene and question them- even if it be late in the night. Supposing a man and a woman are seen late in the night a car, parked peacefully and if the man had commits a “DATE RAPE”, then the element of circumstantial evidence would be tremendously narrowed down and the EVIDENCE, if any, is reduced to one person’s word against the other. The police cannot butt into all private space when he/she has visible reasons to believe that there is no offence being committed. Hence the PREVENTIVE ROLE of the police becomes suspect- if the police gets nosy, then they are susceptible to all sorts of allegations of  trampling of LIBERTIES.

The issue is that when a woman gets RAPED, the media attaches the name of the city/town/village, as the name of the victim, on humanitarian grounds, is kept concealed. Hence the name of the city/town/village gets sullied. It therefore appears as if the police in that area had failed in its preventive duties. That may not be the case, if the couple had moved into a building or to a thinly populated place peacefully, and later if the woman alleges rape, the police would be in a quandary, as the circumstantial evidence would not be useful for the prosecution’s case.

It is because of this aspect that Shantaram Naik had desired that the police should investigate the case thoroughly if the victim had known the alleged rapist etc..

Let us also not forget that perjurious charges of rape have been brought up by women, merely to settle scores or extract money. Please recall the South African Judge, Sirajuddin Desai, who was alleged by a woman (Salome Isaacs- Salome! what a name- reminds me of Herod!!) as her rapist in his hotel room in Mumbai, when she visited his room late evening. She presented the condom used by THEM as evidence of RAPE to the police and the Magistrate sent the Judge to police custody!! The case, to the best of my knowledge, was withdrawn.

Why should the police allow withdrawal of a RAPE case, when it is NOT a COMPOUNDABLE OFFENCE? If the woman had alleged falsely, she should have been proceeded against for making false complaint. The claim of the South African judge was that they had consensual sex.

Therefore Shantaram’s request for thorough investigations is a salubrious suggestion, in the interest of TRUTH.

Nonetheless, the apprehensions of people like Ms.Poornima Advani, Ms.FlaviaAgnes are also not without substance. Knowing the legal system, the prosecution would not be able to use the evidences collected for their objectives as much as the defense would. But that cannot become the reason for not ascertaining the TRUTH in all its NAKEDNESS.

Mr.Shantaram has made the statement more to wash away the guilt that is being smeared on the fair name of the state of Goa, let us get to the pith of his statement and not bash the MP in the media, especially  pseudo-zealously like Brakha Dutt or Arnab Goswami!

Would anyone care to tell me the name of the FIVE STAR HOTEL where the Judge Mr.Sirajuddin Desai and the female delegate  Salome stayed? NO. No one can. I remember that the media was very careful to avoid giving BAD PUBLICITY to the five star hotel. Why can not they extend the same to Goa also? No. Since No palpable gains would be available to media persons, nobody is gonna give the media guys coupons for a free lunch, u see!!

At least did the media protest when the case was withdrawn/closed and did it so zealously pursue if it was RAPE or PERJURY? NO. So much for their zeal.


Telangana Issue

Telangana issue has not really created a spate of requests by political parties, as we are being made to believe. K.Chandrashekara Rao went on a fast and the only way that was seen feasible to break his fast was to make a declaration about grant of a separate state. Now that the fast is broken and the only way to break the benefits of Telengana to be taken lock stock and barrel by KCR, is to create a cacophony of demand by Gorkhas, Bundelkhandis, United Andhra, Mithilanchal, Poorvanchal!

The political parties in India are creating a situation where the Conductor of the Orchestra seldom comes out with the wand, till the crown is out for presentation. The Conductor like a Zubin Mehta doesn’t have the guts to be recognized as the Conductor, as the negative fall out cannot be taken. It is easy to sway the illiterate masses and therefore if any other party highlights the negative impact of the decision of a leader, then the masses who do not have THE sophisticated language skills to distinguish between REALITY and IMAGINATION would end up buying the stories. Therefore the conductor is doubly wary and remains in the background. Maybe the conductor is WISE!

When the din is done and a “CONSENSUS” had evolved, then the conductor of the Orchestra would come out waving the wand as a sign of victory. A true FEUDAL TECHNIQUE. In the Bible, if one refers to the later day victories of King David, one could find that the Commander Joab would defeat the cities and towns in battles, but  KING DAVID would be invited to TAKE the towns and cities! This kind of pseudo- democracy survives in a predominantly illiterate and un-understanding electorate filled space.

The very idea that our founding fathers did not make it imperative for the Parliament to go by the opinion of the state legislature concerned (Article 3 of the Constitution), in bifurcation of states, is on the sound principle, that NO MAN CAN BE A JUDGE OF HIS OWN CAUSE. When the people of Telangana have come out in the open and have demanded a separate state, it has become a NATIONAL ISSUE and a subject matter of the Parliament of India. Only an opinion of the state legislature is required for factoring the opinion in the debates of the parliament. The demand cannot be left in the hands of the MLAs who are divided based on their region.

Telangana was a area that had been recognized by the CONSTITUTION of India. One has to merely refer to the IX Schedule of the Constitution where, entry nos. 22 & 23 relate to 2 Acts passed by the Andhra Pradesh Legislature. Further in the Report of the Reorganization Committee, there was a clear opinion expressed by towering personalities like  Sh.K.M.Panniker that Telangana had a distinct culture and therefore should NOT be amalgamated with the state of Andhra Pradesh merely on LINGUISTIC grounds! Yet political expediency, our own resource crunch and the fear that the Nizam might exert his influence on political matters, the then Telangana was merged with the state of AP.

By hindsight, based on the claims of the pro-Telangana protesters, it seems that the Money power of the Coastal Andhra and the Muscle power of Rayalseema have stunted the growth of the Dhakni speaking Telangana. When the people of Telangana are represented by 17 Members of Parliament it cannot be argued that as a state Telangana would not be sustainable. 3 more MPs and it would be as big as the state of Kerala and would definitely be bigger than Jharkhand which is represented by 14 MPs, three less!




Anyone who has been watching the idiot box, even cursorily, would bear me out in that the GILLETTE ad featuring Tiger Woods, Thierry Henry and Roger Federer, that their clean shaven moustache-less looks were attempted to be portrayed as a mark of success in itself. The AC NIELSEN study and the dubious statistics that they rolled out to the Indian masses that “women” love moustache-less men was in-keeping with their choice of the celebrities mentioned above.

I had watched the likes of Bjorn Borg, Stefan Edberg and Pete Sampras who had never ever shed tears like our Federer had! Thierry Henry’s handball aka Diego Maradona and the latest claims of affairs by barmaids, whores and other publicity seeking cheapsters implicating Tiger Woods is not in-keeping with the image of golfing!! Our Tiger Woods has turned out to be like Marlow of SHE STOOPS TO CONQUER by Oliver Goldsmith, where Marlow is comfortable only with women of low station in life and the heroine had to don the barmaid’s role to get Marlow to come out of his bashful self!! Our Tiger Woods seems to a new avatar of that Marlow of SHE STOOPS TO CONQUER.

Gillette, which has been going to town with their publicity of clean shaven men have stopped all that crass bull-shit that they have been tom-tomming.

If there is any inference that could be drawn from the events that have unfolded in the last 3 weeks, it is this. AFRICAN-AMERICAN men without moustache have been discovered as CHEATS. Thierry Henry did not have the honesty to accept that the crucial goal was a handball. Tiger Woods has been caught with his pants down and he has the gall to tell, “I AM NOT PERFECT!!” The “affairs”, if any, was not without his consent, but to go public and say that HE IS NOT PERFECT shows that he thought there were idiotic men who mistook his golfing skills for  CHARACTER!!!

All that ACCENTURE”s, PERFORMANCE DELIVERED seems to have been delivered still-born. Woods went ahead and JUST DID IT (some tribute to NIKE!!)

Let us not mix performance with character. They are 2 different things. Berlusconi is a performer but none expects him to talk or lecture on MORALITY. But the celebrities chosen by GILLETTE have all leveraged their visibility and alloyed it with a lot of hypocrisy and made them all look like heroes with character. When they came up with the lastest one, that women prefer men without moustache, LIFE hit back. LIFE doesn’t tolerate these half-baked inferences to peddle products.


PLEASE CHOOSE MEN- who would at least own up to their proclivities and weaknesses.



In The Times of India dated 07/12/2009 Bangalore edition at page 7, is an article titled IT’S TIME FOR ELINS OF THE CITY TO TEE OFF by one Vinita A.Shetty, where she inter-alia says that her psychologist friend hd said, “… cheat more than women because they can and because they choose when to resurrect their integrity and when to bury it under a mountain of garbage.”

Read with the title, the above statement which the writer Vinita Shetty relies on, it means that the Elins of the Bangalore city are emboldened to catch their truant boyfriends/husbands/live-ins and club them to contrition!!

I haven’t seen greater wishful thinking than this in print. Ms.Shetty should bear in mind that not every male in this city, or for that matter in any other city would be a lamb submitting to the violent outbursts of a self-righteous wife.

To start off, firstly her nameless “psychologist” friend’s generalization may not be true. Even assuming that to be true, i am sure that not all married/attached men are gonna find unattached women/girls! The women/girls themselves might be married or in a relationship. There is no sound of one hand. Therefore the partners in adulterous relationships must be at least 50% attached women. To make such a sweeping generalization should indeed render that “psychologist” nameless!

Secondly, not all men are dependent on their wives to the extent Tiger Woods seems to have been. If the internet reports are to be believed, Elin Nordegren did not have much of an opinion of Tiger Woods when he attempted to date her initially. It was a FAVOUR bestowed by the Swedish on the Afro-American, despite her much lower station in life( had been a nanny et al). Mr.Tiger Woods doesn’t seem to have got over that initial awe despite his many years of marriage!!!

Some might argue that Tiger Woods was earning more through endorsements that he wouldn’t like to blow it all up like Mike Tyson. Therefore he wanted to behave in a way befitting his status of a winner of 14 majors. Further, ANGER is not an emotion in consonance with golfing. I am sure Tiger Woods must have tried finessing his peccadilloes after he was “CAUGHT”, by Elin, but failed.


Mr. Tiger Woods felt guilty and without that sense of “guilt”, he would not have been that defensive. Guilt could be because of any of the following reasons (but not limited to these!):-

1.In deference to the expectation of the woman wanting her man to be sexually loyal, had acquiesced to that expectation and had been behaving in a way compatible to her expectation.

2.Had taken vows at the time of marriage to remain sexually loyal.

3. Had professed belief in sexual loyalty to the spouse, as a creed.

Our Tiger must have done one of the above mentioned acts to have been convicted when confronted with proof of of his infidelity. That rendered him helpless. Had he been like Besson (the French Minister) or Berlusconi (the Italian PM), he would not have committed the initial folly of having acquiesced to unmaintainable conditions considering his proclivities and opportunities.

Moreover his continental mates might not have to please their spouses like the Americans have to. Americans are still labouring under the POP MORALITY popularized by the Evangelists, Preachers and Feminists. The Europeans have got over that phase.

Ms.Vinita Shetty should understand that in a man woman relationship there is no space for statistical truths. Much less for sweeping generalizations.

If the Bangalorean women start following Elin Nordegren, they may not benefit much. In the case of Elin, she was merely whacking the golden goose that was laying eggs which she as a nanny might not be even able to see- let alone sharing the golden egg. Elin’s success lies in having made the man run for cover under the burden of the guilt laid on his back so cleverly by the not so dumb blonde.

I am reminded of a nice apocryphal story. There was this cowherd who was used to milking cows of all hues. Cows which were unruly, the ones that used to kick at the touch of the udder and the ones which went straight with their horns like a bull against a matador. However this cowherd had his way with those cows that he subdued them and succeeded in milking them. One day in the forest this cowherd saw an animal with just one horn on its nose and more or less like a brown buffalo. He saw the udder of the rhinoceros and thought he could milk it. He went near the rhinoceros to milk it. The rhino came charging with a speed he could never imagine and in one spooning with its single horn tossed him after goring. The rhino left without pursuing him any further.

The wounded cowherd was found and taken to the hospital, where when asked what he tried with the rhino, he innocently said, ” I thought i could milk the one horned animal, as i had tamed even many a double horned unruly cow!”

Some women are under a mighty mistaken notion that all men are of the type known to them and that once they have succeeded in manipulating a single man, they think they could duplicate that with others also, but life with all its variety has not manufactured two persons with the same attitude.

There are Berlusconis and Bessons who are like the wild rhinos. Women get sane and run from the mental clutches of these generalizing man haters.

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