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I hate men who weep in public. Even if one is in weepable circumstances, as a man  he should either seek privacy to compose himself or stifle it at all costs. I appreciate the Late Rajiv Gandhi for this trait that he showed at the cremation time of Mrs.Indira Gandhi. One could sense the impending lachrymal explosion kept under control.

I recently saw the Chief Minister of Karnataka weeping in front of the camera and i should say, it did not look good at all on him. It did not have the vulnerability of a woman or a child, nor did it have the self-righteous shedding of tears of an innocent man. I remember Kapil Dev the cricketer shedding copious tears in front of the camera. The cricket lovers of the country were divided- some said that he had expressed his feminine side when accused falsely. Others, had a different take on it. Some even attributed a serious fraud being enacted for eliciting undeserved sympathy! Be that as it may, i was not in the least impressed. A man who had shown aggression against the Pakistanis in Pakistan soil, merely for earning the sympathy of the viewers had to weep is unbelievable. In any case he CRIED and fell off the pedestal. For what reason, is IMMATERIAL. He was not in such a helpless state (after all Azharuddin maintained his poise!!), as we could gather from hindsight.

But the Chief Minister of Karnataka, Mr.Yediurappa crying puts the whole state in bad light. The circumstances that led him to cry, makes it worse still. A few good men with whose aid he had stitched up a stable government cannot become self-righteous all of a sudden and shed tears when they betray him. That should have been taken in his stride. But we have the MOTHER OF ALL WEEPING which was performed by another Kannadiga Mr. Deve Gowda, in the parliament as if he had become the Prime Minister of India on his own MERIT and POLITICAL support and that the poor farmer was back stabbed!!! He had failed to read that his position was similar to that of Charan Singh and Chandrashekar. So when the support goes, the incumbent goes.

The worse part of the whole weeping episode is the denouement, when after a few days he lifts his hand in solidarity with the same Reddy brothers whom Mr.Yediurappa had accused of back stabbing. Like Mrs.Gandhi is supposed to have said, “IT HELPS TO HAVE A THICK SKIN IN POLITICS.” But as an Indian i have the weeping chief minister etched in my memory, with such a vivid memory, how can i respect Mr.Yediurappa?

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