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Abraham, the Patriarch of the Jewish faith and the spiritual forefather of Christians, as per chapter 18 of the Book of Genesis, in The BIBLE, when in conversation with the angels who had come in the guise of wayfarers to announce the birth of a son to Abraham and Sarah broached on the topic of Sodom and Gomorrah,  asks the angels in disguise, if there were 50 righteous people would they spare the city of Sodom from destruction. Thus Abraham in multiples of 10 reaches the last ten, asks the angels if they would desist from destroying the city, if there were only 10 righteous persons? The angels agree and depart. We know from the latter part of the book of Genesis that there were only 4 who would find grace and also out of that 4, one became a PILLAR OF SALT (Lot’s Wife).

Let us look into the BOOK OF ESTHER in The Bible, where the minister HAMAN has a running feud with Mordecai, the Cousin of Esther the Queen to Xerxes. Haman to spite Mordecai gets a decree passed by Xerxes that  anyone could plunder the Jews and pillage and kill them and that the Jews would not have the protection of the state. The state was by no means small. 127 provinces stretching from Ethiopia to India. So here we have a character HAMAN who wants all the Jews to be slaughtered so that the people of Mordecai could be wiped out.

Contrast this with the first part of the blog. ABRAHAM wanted to save the city for the sake of 10 good men and HAMAN wanted to destroy an ethnic group just to settle his personal scores with a single INDIVIDUAL. This attitude of Abraham was LIFE ORIENTED and the attitude of HAMAN was ANTI-LIFE. It is that which brings about the downfall of the man Haman.

PRO LIFE attitude breeds and sustains LIFE, whereas ANTI-LIFE attitude brings about death , destruction and chaos.

What Haman missed out was a crucial piece of information. HAMAN did not find out the ethnic background of ESTHER- in that she was a Jewess. Mordecai had instructed her that she should not divulge that she was a Jewess. Hegai did not probably know, or did and concealed it well. Why did Mordecai want Esther to conceal that she was a Jewess? Could be a zillion reasons. One is that Jews were as greedy then as now and there was a general ill-feeling and therefore to avoid further heartburn had instructed Esther to conceal, or that the Jews having survived the onslaught of the Assyrians, Babylonians and being in exile did not think it wise to advertise their occupation of crucial positions within the political hierarchy. In any case that was a good strategy!! Otherwise Haman would have had a whiff of the ethnic lot of Esther and would not have ventured to get the decree passed. And Jews would not have instituted PURIM to disguise the moral fall of a Jewess, who went to get married to a non-jew Xerxes!!


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