Here Charitable Individualism is the key!… nothing less.


Jezebel at the balcony,
All decked up to invite the New King.
She had depilated and scrubbed herself clean,
To seduce Jehu.

She had the secrets of the Kingdom.
She had ruled by proxy,
Baal and Chemosh had obeyed her-
Of course through their Priests.

Jehu was driving furiously
To decimate his ex master’s queen.
She was decking to become
The next one too-


Once she was his Highness,
Now he had the option to feel
Her consummate skills on bed.
Very enticing & Inviting.

Jezebel used to welcome Ahab
Upon his return from campaigns thus.
She tried the same on Jehu.
Jehu had seen it all
But this time did not yield.

Once yielded
Forever shall be condemned.
Without a thought, orders her overthrow.
From the balcony and her high horse
Jezebel fell, to be the food of curs.

Temptation comes in  packages imagined

At a Time when one could have it freely.
But blessed is the Man whose Purpose is defined.
Kill the BITCH that seduces you from your purpose.

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