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They were friends
But he a He &
she a She.
They spoke on all topics
Tabooed and otherwise.

She shared her details
of her love life and he his.
Each knew the other
as one could know oneself
minus the intensity of the passion
felt at moments memorable.

They were each other’s sounding board.
Yet they had their identities intact.

One evening, being bored
He called her to his abode.
They smoked, drank and spoke.

She asked him “what would it have been
Like if they had had sex?”
His laugh made her wonder what he thought.
Yet he broke his silence and said,
“why spoil a friendship
that has been nurtured with respect?”

The woman would have none of that.
“How do you assume that sex would spoil it?”
The man replied,” A man is a predatory animal
And has to break barriers to perform.
So why tread a path that may not have a return?”

The woman was adamant
Her curiosity had paved the way
For her to launch an assault on his senses.
She drew closer and drooped her head on his shoulder.

It was not the first time,
But now the context had changed.
The strand of hair that brushed
against his face was stoking the embers,
He never thought existed.

Her tone had turned guttural and low
As if in whisper, she said, “what if we did it?”
“I am for the friendship and nothing less,”
Said he in a stern tone.
her curiosity was rising beyond her bounds.

Said she “Nothing LESS? I thought you
Meant nothing MORE!”
Friendship is more than mere union of bodies
And to move from friendship
To mating love is demotion of the soul.

She brushed her cheek against his cheek
And she felt his moustache kindle her
Passion to limits yet unknown.
He was confused and she looked up to his eyes
With surrendered deer look
Willing to squat or spread.

This was the last call to his honour
He flung her from his body
and ran to the door and out.
Friendship cannot be stained
By virility or submission.
It has to be on equal footing
The man was right, the maid tested him
But the man fled from the siren
To retain a Friend forever.

Comments on: "THE LAST BASTION" (2)

  1. benedict said:

    wow…. she got ‘yosefied’


  2. Reblogged this on Movid's Weblog and commented:

    A true Josephite!An Egyptian one!


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