Here Charitable Individualism is the key!… nothing less.

God asked him, ‘ Do u want to know the Truth or want to have the skill to make use of the Lies of the world, for your own benefit?’

He said, ‘ God, i am too small to pursue the Truth and die a pauper. So let me have the skills to handle the lies of this world.’

Next morning he woke up to find himself a rich man. He abandoned the search for TRUTH in the altar of WISDOM.

Comments on: "SKILL TO HANDLE LIES!!" (2)

  1. babamasti said:

    well he took a short cut to this existence by choosing lies and go on in the cycle of birth and death ,no moksha.
    depends wht u want instant gratification or eternal bliss!!!

  2. If one cannot TRUST this HERE & NOW, what could he do with the HEREAFTER, when that becomes another HERE & NOW? For a HUMBLE man this CYCLE is too much to BELIEVE!!!

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