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POKER, means different things to different persons. Some play poker for the RUSH they get when they have concealed their great hands and ambushed another player; some for the camaraderie that this game brings; some for the cash; some for just whiling away their free time; some to test their luck; some study the game and try to predict the outcome of the hand and some for assessing human behaviour. There might be many more reasons for playing poker which have not occurred to the limited vision of this blogger. But what fascinates me is the POKER LINGO. There are specialized words that signify a situation, the fall of cards, the behaviour of players at the table etc..

One of the usages that had fascinated me was the BIG CHICK! Big chick is nothing but holding of an Ace and a Queen of any suit, as the pocket cards. I suppose the CHICK part is the one that signifies the Queen and the BIG signifies the ACE. To hold high cards as pocket cards have always advantageous. But that does not guarantee success in the game, there is a great deal of human emotions  & nerves that come into play.

You call any woman or girl as a CHICK, it is considered derogatory. But the word chick, must have been used quite commonly in the gambling houses. Now that there are very many women who flock the gambling houses, in deference to their gender, CHICK word has fallen into disuse.

BUT THE USAGE BIG CHICK STILL FASCINATES ME! When a chick becomes big, it could be a hen or a rooster. But the usage BIG CHICK has a different ring to my ears. In all the thousands of games played by me, i have never won a hand with BIG CHICK. Therefore as a matter of policy, i never fold with a BIG CHICK on hand. Come what may, i stand by my BIG CHICK!!!

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