Here Charitable Individualism is the key!… nothing less.

While climbing the Rope of Life, i stretched my hand to clutch the next higher grasp. A Hand held my wrist, before i could grasp the rope, and pulled me up.

As i was used to my notions of “climbing”, and as i doubted the intentions of the Hand, i held on to the rope with a firmer grip with the other hand, refusing to let go the rope of SAFETY.

Thereupon i heard a Voice that said, “If you don’t let go of your SECURITY of the Rope and your NOTIONS of how to climb, I cannot lift you straight up, on the ROPE OF LIFE and put you ahead. Therefore TRUST and let go of the other hand. This help, one does not get often. Like as the stirring of the pool near the Sheep Gate at Bethesda, you have to hurry up and give up your clinging. I can tell you this, as I helped a man, near the same pool, who spent 38 years following the procedures (even before my genesis in flesh) with no healing! The place where I will take you, may not be reached by your own efforts and diligence. So TRUST ME and let go of your hand!”

The Compassion of the Voice and the Power of the Words squashed my logic and doubts. The TRUST was not mine, it was the Compassion of the Voice and the POWER of the words, and i slackened my grip and Lo and behold! in the twinkling of an eye, me and the rope were parted and i was darted up and placed up way beyond my knowledge or recognition. My clothes were changed and i was with others far superior to my earlier imagination.

I am still climbing the rope but with a safety belt to my hip and gloves to my hands, with lots of knots at regular intervals on the rope.

One moment of TRUST, and subjecting my DOUBTS to the VOICE and THE WORD has bestowed the Peace ineffable!!

Comments on: "The Rope of Life." (4)

  1. Santiago said:

    Christian belief is “Trust God”, The question is Do we trust God? I think not even that Phrase. In my own experiance and with my intelligene, I too tired to climb the rope much faster and I didn’t have the patience to wait for His will. But as soon as I leave my life in His hand, I feel comfortable and feel well secured. Yes. He Cares For me too. “IN GOD WE TRUST”


  2. babamasti said:

    well, as u write we all climbers with our safety harness on each tiring effort of pulling ourselves up with full caution and belief in the safety harness and above all faith in the DIVINE that the rope does not snap dream in our sub and unconsciousness state of mind about the mysterious hand to grab our wrist to pull us straight up!!!


  3. benedict said:

    Its the reed that I clutch, a dried one at that. The supremacy of God over that reed, has preserved me. For in the reed if I trust, I err. But the God who is above all, can even make a non reed to seem like a secure rope to save me. Its that awesome power reaching out to me, for His arms are never shortened, no never. May my unbelief continue to be on the reed that I clutch. For God knows my frame, and my weakness, a bruised reed He will never hurt. His grace and kindness endures as I hang on looking up to him. He will never, ever let me go.
    He will not test me nor tempt me for He knows I will fail. He cradles me in the hollow of His hand. What Joy it is to know that I need not budge an inch but merely trust on Him.


  4. Arshad said:

    sounds like my story…………. coz i have got a helping hand who has pulled me up unconditionally………..


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