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Octopus V. Shark

One has to watch this video to change one’s opinion on who would win a fight between an octopus and a shark. Shark is a peripatetic predator which moves around and spreads terror, but the octopus is a master in disguise & an ambush predator.

If it was the ARM that made Man a tool wielding animal and made him superior to the other beings, it is definitely the tentacles which act as arms to the octopus & gives it the superiority.

The octopus looks harmless, but when it strikes, it is lethal. There is hope that man will continue to acquire more and more knowledge and get rid of his prejudices and all the more that he will restore the fair name of SHARK, as another being that is not only predatory, but a victim too at times!!

As an old saying in Thamizh, VALLAVANUKKU VALLAVAN VAIYAGATHTHIL UNDU, there is a more valiant one than the valiant in this world!!!


Comments on: "Octopus V. Shark" (2)

  1. Santiago said:

    Dear Sir, So nice I started reading your blogs regularly. I enjoy.


  2. benedict said:

    there is a better ones in tamil ” Veluthalum vezhlupan jadhi vannan” or in the street level one that says “Bhagavanukay Bun”


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