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The story of Kasab has revived. Revived by the Shiv Sainiks, who object to him being represented in the Courts of Law by any Advocate in India. The TIMES OF INDIA dt. 2/04/2009 in its Editorial contends that for the preservation of the Judicial system that has as its fundamental premise that EVERY ACCUSED IS INNOCENT IN THE EYES OF THE LAW, TILL PROVEN GUILTY, an Advocate has to defend Kasab, as otherwise the basic premise would stand TAINTED.

Further, the Editorial goes on to state that the Guarantees given under Article 22 of the Constitution would not be fulfilled if a lawyer does not represent the Accused.

I would importune the readers of this blog to go thru my earlier blog for greater clarity of this blogger’s opinion on the same topic vide the link given below:

Article 22 of the Constitution of India does not EMPOWER the courts in India to COMPEL a lawyer to represent an accused. Even if a Lawyer is bound under the Legal Aid Rules, Advocates Act etc., to represent an accused without considering if the person he proposes to represent is guilty or not guilty, before accepting the brief, the LAWS and RULES CANNOT and DO NOT TAKE AWAY THE PROFESSIONAL LIBERTY OF A LAWYER TO ACCEPT OR REJECT THE BRIEF WITHOUT ASSIGNING ANY REASON WHATSOEVER.

This blogger is of the opinion that each Advocate is at ABSOLUTE LIBERTY TO TAKE UP A BRIEF OR NOT TO. Further, such a decision CANNOT and SHOULD NOT be the subject matter of the BAR COUNCILS of the respective states. Ms. Anjali Waghmare is at liberty to represent or not to represent Kasab. The bar council should not compel, nor public pressure be mounted to restrain Anjali Waghmare from accepting the Brief for Kasab, as that would seriously jeopardize the PROFESSIONAL LIBERTY OF THE ADVOCATE. Kudos to Ms. Anjali Waghmare for sticking to her conviction despite political and peer pressure. In fact she should file A WRIT AGAINST ANY ADVISORY PASSED BY ANY BAR COUNCIL RESTRAINING ANY ADVOCATE FROM APPEARING FOR KASAB.

Further, the protection of Article 22, clauses 1 & 2 are NOT APPLICABLE TO ENEMY ALIENS. The courts should first, determine the import of the phrase ENEMY ALIEN and see if Kasab is an enemy alien and construe Article 22 in the light of the declared Law and not based on the opinions, brainwaves and unwholesome views of a few.


Even though our judicial system is ADVERSARIAL( which means that the Judge need not bring up the points not pleaded by the defence counsel into focus etc..), it nowhere states that the FACTS cannot be gathered by the TRIAL JUDGE himself to establish the TRUTH. If the FACTS are gathered by the trial JUDGE at his own initiative – who is vested with extraordinary powers to ascertain those- diligently, even the best lawyers would not be able to obfuscate the EVIDENCE showing Kasab’s guilt.


Comments on: "Kasab-II" (4)

  1. babu said:

    It is true that LAWS and RULES CANNOT and DO NOT TAKE AWAY THE PROFESSIONAL LIBERTY OF A LAWYER TO ACCEPT OR REJECT THE BRIEF WITHOUT ASSIGNING ANY REASON WHATSOEVER. At the same time It is equally true that no one can be allowed to be condemned without legal advice.


  2. movid said:

    If the Indian Lawyers in the garb of Patriotism are disinclined to take up the case of Kasab, and if the Principle THAT EVERYONE SHALL HAVE A RIGHT TO BE DEFENDED, is to be upheld -please ALLOW LAWYERS from abroad who are willing to defend Kasab to appear in Indian courts.
    The Indian lawyers cannot seek PROTECTIONISM when they are not willing to stand by long established guiding rules.


  3. blessedmeek said:

    If no lawyer comes forward to defend the accused from the State of Maharashtra due to the local sentiments ,it may not be a surprise if the Apex court in and order transfer of the case to a competent sessions court in another State where the influence of Shiv Shainiks is less or nil. I think allowing lawyers from abroad to represent the accused is not at all warranted or advisable. Anyway our Hon’ble courts have always come up with right and extra ordinary solutions with their considered judgments. It is a just a matter of time.


  4. alive 26-11 said:

    Look…he is going to die either by the public or the judicial system for his deeds…So start worrying about your own ones rather than finding a lawyer for a terrorist!!!
    Your families didnt die there so its very easy to say it….If you defend him you are part of the sins hes done and then god cannot even help you!! I rest my case,rest is for him to decide.
    may lord be with all.


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