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A student from Utah, thirteen years in all and takes TWO of his female teachers aged 39 and 46. The person is  a student of 13 years, how cud he have succeeded with two women and worse still his own teachers!! I am sure  that such a thing is not happening for the first time, not at least in Utah. Not long ago there was a similar story that a 17 year old male had had sexual relations with his female teacher.

The TEACHERS from the state of Utah badly need a crash course on Ethics. If not on the grounds that having sex with an under-aged person is a crime against the society, at least it has to be drummed into their heads that they just can not have a sexual relationship with a STUDENT of the same school, that had employed them, in contravention of the contract.

The interesting part is that the women FOUGHT OVER THE 13 YEAR OLD MAN!!! They were not even ashamed of the matter spilling over and stenching the public domain. This speaks a lot of the moral standards that they presume others have.

Maybe, both were in Love and therefore they did not feel guilty of the sexual relations that each was having with the 13 year old man. Love sanctifies many things and they must have felt that sex was okay, if there was the element of love, even though with a 13 year old student.

Over and above all the above social considerations, the structure of a man in sex is such, that he cannot be called a VICTIM, as a girl of his age would be considered. For a man needs to perform, at least he has to be ready to perform, and if he cannot be ready any amount of seduction may not culminate in sex. So to treat the student as an UNDER-AGED VICTIM is nothing but an unwanted extension of the social fiction.

What distinguishes this 13 year old student is the fact that he had been mature enough to keep the sexual relationship discreet and he was not the one who did the ratting.

I am reminded of the two whores who went with a child to king Solomon, with the claim by each that the child was her own. Maybe, it is time to call for the sword and not merely determine, which whore loved the child more, but chop the child which had matured beyond its years and before its time- that it has become ROTTEN.

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