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There are many ROMANTIC ideas on the topic of Ragging which are let loose, to camouflage the REALITY that exists behind this practice. Some of those are that it facilitates the juniors to get acquainted with the new surroundings in college, it breaks ice with the seniors, it develops bonding between the freshers and the seniors for life and  that it allows latent talents in juniors to be brought to light.

But, as i have already stated, these are romantic ideas, which have no bearing with reality. The seniors are mostly REPAYING WHAT THEY, AS FRESHERS, received from their SENIORS. Secondly, their sense of power increases and with the GROUP to back them, further they turn brutal when confronted with spunky juniors.


I like to cite an incident that is supposed to have happened in the roads of Bangalore recently. In a scene of a minor car accident, the guy who had hit the other car gets threatened by the guy whose car was hit. The guy threatens by pulling out a pistol, alarmed, the accident causer whips out his revolver and shoots the original THREATENER dead. Good defence for the guy threatened, HE APPREHENDED DEATH AND AS  SELF DEFENCE TOOK THE EXTREME STEP!!!

If the facts are sustainable during the Trial proceedings, I am all for the person who shot dead the other. The reasons are:-

it must have been the notion of the first threatener that the other person might not have a weapon, which emboldened him to whip out his weapon to intimidate the other.

secondly, once threatened, the reaction of the threatened may not be rational esp. if he has a weapon himself.

I happened to be at Madras Christian College during 84-86 and when i joined the college, there were guys who were in the second year of Under Graduation  who used to call themselves as SENIORS, but i had joined the college to pursue PG. As was the custom in the hostel SELAIYUR HALL, even PG students were treated in a manner not befitting their education. Since i had local support, at the first instance when a “senior” tried his stunts with me, i let it be known that i may not take things lying down if  things went beyond reasonable limits. The guy who heard that quickly went to a guy in the I year PG, who had studied at MCC and thereby a senior,  and took his aid to RAG me.

The ragging went on in the right spirit till the Senior PREM, asked me a few personal questions and started treading on areas, which are taboo for unrelated people to comment upon , much less to make derogatory comments. I told him in a voice, that was stern with a countenance severe, that i might do unto him what he might end up regretting. Since, he had a few seniors on his side, he pooh poohed my threats.

It was a Saturday, and i had told some of  the orderlies of my dad to come over to the college as i had to settle some issues with a student. The orderlies had come over and i had told them to wait at NAIR’s shop nearby and seeing me they should not show any signs of acquaintanceship but watch me closely and pick up a fight with the guy,whom  i would discreetly indicate. It was common for this bully to get a few freshers for BUN, BUTTER, PICKLE & OMELETTE and as usual landed at Nair’s shop.

The 4 orderlies were shown the person who i thought, was screwing my trip. When Prem started his durbar, the burly merciless orderlies walked thru the group he was heading and in the process tripped the eatables on the stool before him. They pretended as if it had happened by accident  but Prem unaware of the set-up, started the logic  as to why they had to walk thru the  circle they were occupying? Prem, uttered an expletive that became a justification for them to launch what was premeditated.

They started in chaste Tamil, with the most dirty expletives belonging to Madurai and Tirunelveli dialect, calling into question the legitimacy of his birth, his sister’s character, his father’s prowess et al. He was stunned. They picked up the bun omelet that had tripped over and stuffed it into his mouth with the grains of sand and probably dog shit!!

None of the gang was sympathetic to his cause- if any! He was manhandled and smothered like a headless chicken. He quickly ran away towards the college, probably with the hope that he could bring some friends.I was not far away from the scene and as already intimated, they left without talking to me.

Prem, met the Dean who was more sympathetic in hearing but sluggish in action, and for want of identity of the trouble makers, was not inclined to make any complaint. Further no visible physical injury was shown to sustain his story.

Meanwhile, in the Hall, the word had spread around that Prem was roughed up. He was seen crest fallen and had to lie low to erase the memory of his ill-treatment in the  hands of rank strangers.

The election time came and the same Prem came calling. He wanted votes, fortunately i had mustered the support of more than 50% of the inmates of the Hall. I set up a candidate against Prem and Prem lost the election and when he was neutralized and became friends and he had this to say NEVER EVER PRESUME HOW A MAN WOULD REACT, AFTER YOU HAVE PROVOKED HIM.


Therefore in colleges, the Seniors shud not be allowed to get PHYSICAL, ABUSIVE or OPPRESSIVE. They may not only be dangerous to the freshers, but may turn out to be LETHAL to the seniors themselves.



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