Finally the wait was PLEASANTLY over. The BEST MUSIC DIRECTOR’S ACADEMY AWARD was awarded to A.R.Rahman. It was an expectation of every Indian that A.R.Rahman should win the Oscar, but he won TWO. Also for the BEST SONG category, and that was doulbly pleasing.

A.R.Rahman’s biography had been updated in the Wikipedia within minutes of him having won the OSCARS. I’ve excerpted here below the part that proclaims his feat:

His acclaimed music compositions have led to references to him as the “Mozart of Madras” and several Tamil commentators have given him the title Isai Puyal (Tamil: இசைப் புயல்; English: Music Storm). Rahman also won two Oscar Awards in 2009 (Best Original Score and Best Original Song) for his work in Slumdog Millionaire. He also performed at the ceremony.

While accepting the award for the BEST ORIGINAL SCORE, he thanked everyone whom he had to, but the icing was his utterance in Thamizh (Tamil) thanking God in the International Language of Thamizh: YELLA PUGAZHUM IRAIVANUKKAY, which when translated to English would mean ALL GLORY TO GOD.

As a person having been in TamilNadu, it is no surprise that he chose to thank God in Tamil. It is not politics that he brought the language into focus, it is pure THANKFULNESS. The language, which according to the Nobel Laureate Sir.C.V.Raman,  is mathematical in its structure and precise in its expression. It was his utterance in Tamil that made it exhilarating.

I see it as the homage paid by a Thamizhian to the discipline and the work culture that the language Thamizh promotes. Thamizh is not kitschy or glossy languge that skims over human situations in sentimentalism and defeatism . It grapples with human predicaments and brings it into human consciousness and strives to continually find solutions. It is no wonder that an A.R.Rahman had to be from this hoary CULTURE in India.

Long live THAMIZH. Long live INDIA.