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The Mangalore battery of the young women and the subsequent arrest of Shri. Mutalik has prompted the Chief Minister Shri. Yediurappa to denounce the PUB CULTURE and has stated that he is going to do away with PUBS in Karnataka.

What is interesting is the TIMING. Had the CM made this statement before the incident, i could have given credence to his belief in  such a policy on health/moral grounds.

Is this announcement to APPEASE THE SECTION OF THE PEOPLE who have made this an issue or is it genuinely a LAW & ORDER concern? I am inclined to believe that the first one is the REASON and the second is the ACCEPTABLE PRETEXT!

HYPOCRISY is unavoidable in a large DEMOCRACY like India. As the spectrum of people who belong to the band between the RICH and the POOR is huge. IMPOSING MORALITY is the best way in a democracy to add respectability to oneself and controlling the public. In Gujarat LIQUOR HAS BEEN BANNED EXCEPT FOR FOREIGNERS AND MEDICINAL PURPOSES. But if one wants a bottle of any brand/variety of liquor, it is just round the corner. We as a nation like to pontificate, even without asking a question if it INFRINGES ON SOMEONE ELSE’ RIGHTS or ARE WE TO MEDDLE WITH SOMEONE ELSE’ MORALITY WHEN IT DOES NOT AFFECT US! We love to make laws, rules and ordinances that do not factor in the individual’s liberty!



According to me we are a young nation, just out of the clutches of the Imperialism of the British. Yet our Laws have two prime objectives, viz.

1. Hierarchify the population, so that they are brought under the pyramid of the power structure, so that they could be muzzled and controlled.

2. Restrict their liberty so that the productivity might increase, thereby increase the state revenues.

These laws ,which form the cornerstone of our nation, are basically with the above mentioned objectives. For the sake of continuity these objectives have not been scrapped completely, instead they have become the tools in the hands of the DELEGATES of the people to use them as instruments for enrichment and baits for obtaining votes that would perpetuate them in the exalted place where they find themselves.

For example let us look into article 47 of the Constitution of India.

Article 47 of the Constitution of India directs the state as follows:-

The State shall regard the raising of the level of nutrition and the standard of living of its people and the improvement of public health as among its primary duties and, in particular, the State shall endeavour to bring about prohibition of the consumption except for medicinal purpose of intoxicating drinks and of drugs which are injurious to health.

The first part obligates  the state to RAISE THE LEVEL OF NUTRITION, STANDARD OF LIVING, IMPROVEMENT OF PUBLIC HEALTH. The first part is a positive COMMAND. But the state has always defaulted on this count. For example, the total expenditure on Public Health is @ 1% of the GDP, whereas the global norm is 5%.

The standard of living , if at all it has increased, it is because of the toil and sweat of the citizens and not because of the effort of the state. In any case  the state’s enthusiasm has been towards the IMPOSITION OF PROHIBITION, than RAISING THE STANDARD OF LIVING. Almost all the states in India have cited this ARTICLE 47 for imposition of Prohibition.

Prohibition has brought corruption and nepotism to the fore.

This PROHIBITION has EMPOWERED the Legislators, Bureaucrats and the Officials.

From the above it is clear that the empowering sections are prolifically put to use for oblique reasons, and the POSITIVE COMMANDS  that require them to DO SOMETHING get diluted in its implementation, and thus fall flat.

So in INDIA, we are still supporting  HIERARCHIFICATION and MINDLESS LABOUR EXTRACTION, which make us still SLAVES.

Our LIBERTIES are gnawed away progressively and we become ZOMBIES scrounging for a living WITHOUT THE CAREFREE-NESS THAT THE OTHER DEVELOPED NATIONS’ CITIZENS EXUDE!


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  1. movid said:

    Dear Blessedmeek,
    The issue i was labouring at was that the LAW should not infringe on the LIBERTIES of an individual. It shud be curtailed only to the extent that the Constitution of India allows.
    So far as consumption of alcohol is concerned, art 47 has been used to justify imposition of Prohibition. The next government lifts prohibition and there has been no consistent policy on this issue. Let us leave such things to the individual and hope that the Govt. would do something productive instead of holding people on a leash.
    In Gujarat one can get liquor at an extra cost and presumably, the extra is given to the corrupt persons manning the system.
    When we can not uniformly enforce a restriction on the liberty on an individual, let us leave it to the discretion of the individual instead of making him feel guilty!
    Let us not fool ourselves, liquor will be made available by the bootleggers on that area somehow. The authorities wud become accessories to that bootlegging sooner or later.
    Morality is imparted at HOME and school, colleges, but if the individual can not stick to it, the reason for his failure is he himself and not the collective society. Kerala has never had prohibition, yet the state has had one of the highest literacy rate and standard of living.
    Let us protect the LIBERTIES of individuals, esp when the authorities reduce it for purveying FEAR, GUILT and CORRUPTION.


  2. blessedmeek said:

    Dear Movid, I donot entirely agree with your view.You know aping western culture is the basis for pub culture.The so called pub visitors which include BPO and soft ware professionals think that they are advancing the civilisation in their area by imitating the ways of the West and in this process they freak out with opposite sex and they get (pseudo) self assurance that they are making their country proud. This trend is opposed by the group which is not against men advocating pub culture but against many who misuse the ‘permit’ by the society. Though the Government gets a fat revenue to their coffers ,what use will it bring to the society if such culture demoralises the young and make the miscreants mistakenly feel that the society approves their such behaviour. When a few people want to drive home the disapproval of the society for such(mis) behaviours,they seem to have resorted to methods (which no civilised person can approve of) and sky rocketted the issue. Certainly there is mistake in execution of the idea to display disapproval of the (majority) society and to uphold morality. We read in the print media about the ‘excesses’ happening in call centres,where the administration of the company has to engage experts to clear their drainage of the clogging condoms . Who is doing moral policing there. Ofcourse those office areas are private areas and only when such instances tend to happen in public areas like pubs, which were hitherto going unnoticed. some people are voicing their protests which is unavoidable. Despitethe possibility of loosing chunks of revenue with closing down of pubs,the Govt is coming forward to regulate the system.Let us give a Chance to the Govt and see what best solution it can come out with.


  3. movid said:


  4. Dilip kumar said:

    Guys PUB culture should not be emphasized in our country it will spoil our ethics, PUB will iniate all westernism like have relationships extra marital will be accepted


  5. movid said:

    Let us firstly define pub culture, before we slap such negatives to that phrase. If Pubs are licensed, and the guests fulfill the age criterion and if they are not obscenely dressed or behaved, then it is not anybody’s case to resist it.
    Politically, u can still canvass for closure of pubs, regulating dress code, gender discrimination etc., but not thru violence and vandalism.


  6. alhopil said:



  7. movid said:

    Thanx alhopil.


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