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WHAT HAS ABISHAAG GOTTA DO WITH THE KINGDOM OF ISRAEL?, that when Adonijah asked for her hand  King Solomon should blow his top?

To refresh the memory of the Bible readers and aid the persons not familiar with the story of Abishaag, the Shunamite:-

Abishaag was a young virgin who according to the Bible was brought to the palace of King David of Israel to keep him warm thru body contact in his old age. Even before  the death of King David, there was Palace intrigue initiated by Bathsheba to promote her uterine son Solomon to become the king of Israel. The reason being that Adonijah the son of King David and Haggith had declared himself the King of Israel without the consent of the King.

However Bathsheba’s camp went on to write history, being the winners in the race for Kingship. So Adonijah wanted to get married to the woman who was warming up King David in his last years. Therefore he sends his mother Haggith ( a co-wife to Bathsheba) to the Queen Mother Bathsheba to persuade the new king Solomon to give Abishaag as his wife. All hell broke loose. Solomon asks his mother Bathsheba, ” Why ask for Abishaag only, whu don’t you ask for the whole kingdom- after all he is my elder brother?”,  and gets him murdered.


Reason must be that Abishaag was the only one who could have been privy to the drama enacted by Bathsheba, Benaiah the priest and the prophet, to crown Solomon- stated to have been with the consent of David, as she was in the presence of the King David. David never appeared before the public – even though he is stated to have blessed Solomon and proffered him the advise to kill Joab, Shimei etc.

This drama by Bathsheba carried the ring of approval of the vegetating David and this myth would have been blown up if Abishaag had become the spouse of Adonijah. This prospect of unveiling must have terrified Solomon, hence the outburst of telling his mom to have asked  him the kingdom for Adonijah.


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