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The following is a news-item appearing in the SUN.

‘Girls of ten should wed’ By STAFF REPORTER Published: 14 Jan 2009 rigTeaserImage SAUDI Arabia’s most senior Muslim cleric says it is OK for TEN-YEAR-OLD girls to marry, reports claim. Al-Hayat newspaper quotes Sheik Abdul-Aziz bin Baz as saying anyone who thinks the girls are too young are doing them an injustice. He is reported to have said during a lecture on Monday that women marrying after the age of 25 are following a �bad path.� His comments come as Saudi human rights groups are fighting to put an end to marriages between the very young and pressing the government to define the minimum age for marriage. On Sunday, the government-run National Human Rights Commission condemned marriages of minor girls, saying they are an �inhumane violation�.

Besides the fact that women are treated as chattels even today, the latest is that:   women marrying after the age of 25 are following a �bad path, therefore the prescription of the patriarchal society is that as a preventive measure, girls should be married off even before they are subject to the basic bodily metamorphosis into women.

As per the Indian Muslim Law, the girl if married before puberty had the right to repudiate the marriage upon attaining the age of sixteen. That discretion is given so that the individuality of the girl could be established. In the muslim marriages, marriages are civil contracts and not sacraments, therefore it is a precondition that the parties to the contract could understand the contract before becoming parties to it.

Islam is a very liberal Religion in its marriage laws- esp. as interpreted by the courts in India. Why should a girl who should be leading a carefree life be exposed to the lecherous lust of the grown up adults. When the girl should be lavished with paternal love, why should she be made a fodder for the lust of older men? I see no reason, as to why a cleric should come to such a conclusion that marrying off early would prevent them from becoming BAD?



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