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The following is the take of WIKIPEDIA on the life of Rani Mangammal of the NAYAK DYNASTY that ruled Madurai.

When Rani Mangammal was engaged in settling her policy towards the Mughal Empire, Chikka Deva Raya of Mysore in a pursuit of territorial expansion annexed the territories up to Salem and Coimbatore from Madurai Kingdom between 1690 and 1694. In 1695, Tiruchirapalli, then capital of Madurai, was also besieged by Mysore armies was defeated and sent back.

Shortly after her war and peace with Thanjavur in 1700, both united and proceeded against Chikka Dev Raya. The later had built an Anicut (which means “dam” in Tamil) across the river Cauvery thus preventing adequate supply of irrigation water for Thanjavur and the northern parts of Madurai Kingdom. Same year, the river also ran near dry. Anticipating a drought and famine situation, both Madurai and Thanjavur armies united to attack Mysore. But by that time, heavy rains had washed off this Anicut, which was located at the site where the present Kannambadi dam stands.
The cauvery dispute between Tamil Nadu and Karnataka dates back to centuries and if one hopes to find  simple solution to this complex issue, there is no way.
Political solution is the only way, but when are the people of these two states going to accept the verdict and accept their award and move forward.
History is not that which is written, but that which is believed to have happened!
Each generation has its own take on the happenings of the past!
The only solution is to keep the award on paper, merely for enforcing it when necessary through FORCE, but allow the political leadership to engage in talks till the rains arrive and wash away our disputes!!

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