Here Charitable Individualism is the key!… nothing less.

The Word is the Originator. The word organizes the unintegrated mass of sounds that signify many emotions, thoughts, feelings & ideas into coherent words that more or less carry the same meaning to the knowers of a particular language, of a particular generation.

The Word arises out of these four elements above-mentioned and remains in the sub-conscious level. That is why there are times in a person’s life  when he hears a word that carried a meaning, that he had always conceived but inadequately expressed by him, he gets into a delirium with that particular WORD.

That is the moment when the CONSCIOUSNESS of that person gets ACQUAINTED with that word and posits that WORD with the COMBINATION OF THE ELEMENTS mentioned above. His THOUGHT gains ACCURACY and RICHNESS.

He gains a level parity with those who have been deploying that WORD in apt circumstances. A LINGUISTIC status is achieved.

But the knowledge of the WORD equips him with the ability to understand but not to immediately EXPRESS. If he expresses it, it becomes VOICE. But the WORD lies DORMANT, that dormant word is the touchstone of his understanding. It is that GODHOOD that unites HUMAN CONSCIOUSNESS.

But the WORD can be corrupted like any pristine DIE or a DISC, thru indoctrination. The VOICE that is exposed to the inner WORD shud be kept POSITIVE & LIFE-ORIENTED with GROWTH PROSPECTS. But, not always is man subject to such benign forces. They are outside his control. Therefore he has to purge himself CONTINUALLY of the Negative voices that impinge on him. Failing which, he runs the risk of corrupting the inner WORD.

The VOICES are either MASCULINE or FEMININE. The Masculine is that which is Aggressive or reaching out or destroying  or  intruding.  The Feminine voice  is  mollifying or  deviant or  perverse or  caring.  To simplify the understanding, the Masculine is the CONTENT and the Feminine is  the FORM.

The DEEDS of the person will depend on the VOICE he HEEDS.

But his response may be coloured with his own temperament. His temperament may have the outer feminine but the deeds may be masculine in purpose. For example, in HUSKING A COCONUT, the objective is to get at the kernel. Therefore one needs to remove the husk. It could be done by using a sickle, but that isn’t efficient, so bury a crowbar upside down and bring the whole coconut  hard on to the sharp-end of the crowbar and twist it to remove the husk. In two to three blows the coconut is husked.

This example, clarifies how the masculine CONTENT is BURIED and the FEMININE content is MADE to perform the masculine aggression. But the objective – Which is masculine -is met . Because the purpose is to get the kernel for man’s consumption for nourishment.

Therefore, THE WORD is the originator , THE VOICE is the intermediary and  THE DEED is the CULMINATION of PURPOSE.



THE DEED IS DONE (always in the past).

The Deed recedes into the past, irrevocably. It cannot be altered but it can be hid or propitiated for.

The WORD springs again and again in the HUMAN heart to replenish life.

The VOICE SPREADS it to those who have not discovered the WORD.

HE who has  the WORD spreads it, he who has the VOICE carries it and he who is convinced  DOES carry out the word & makes himself a landmark in the human history, as his deed shall irrevocably become a etched in the pastness of TIME.





Comments on: "THE WORD- THE ORIGINATOR" (1)

  1. Benedict said:

    I had this opportunity to cousel a principal of a leading college whom I had met during on my training sessions. He had a problem of sorts in his institution and wanted some kind of advise.

    I administered a Multiple Intelligence test and found that his Language skills were extraordinary. The man was into language fully, along side I found that his Logical ability was abysmal. This Language : Logic divide was the source of his problem. He was as Chesterton says ” having his feet firmly planted on the air”


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