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The aftermath of the terrorist attack in Mumbai has spawned a whole lot of angry Indians. One Mrs. Meera Isaacs makes an appearance on a TV channel and says that one of her friends (?) said that SHE DOESN’T WANT TO BE NOT ANGRY.

Angry against whom?

Angry for what?

The anger that all the Indians have directed against are the politicians. In India we have three types of politicians:




It may be amusing, that i am distinguishing the politician and thereby taking away the focus of the ire that is engulfing the politician as a genus. But, i reiterate that we have to distinguish the genus as the functions performed by each of the three specie is distinct and unless we charge the right politician we wud be addressing the wrong person.

The first category indulges in parochial issues and projects his/her pet notions as scientific truths based on statistics. His purpose is to coalesce the disgruntled, idle elements under an umbrella of fear, and use it during elections for bargaining positions, and at non-election times to spread rumours and disturbances in the society.

The second category are the blessed lot. They had already floated an agenda and have successfully built their base that they have become bigger than any post that the Constitution could offer and therefore put puppets on the constitutional posts and run governments remotely and are consummate manipulators. They are still the FEUDAL FORCES of India. They have the popularity, resources and power thru minions. They are the QUEEN BEES of the system and all the worker bees wud rally around them in the event of any threat perceived to the Queen bee. (It is merely a simile and not gender specific)

The third category are the true politicians. They have to debate issues, explain their stance to public and seek for positions in the constitutional order of things. It is the toughest. Edmund Burke, who was a Member of Parliament of the UK for the constituency of Bristol, tried his level best to explain to them in the clearest of logical terms his functions and his judgement on political issues. But miserably failed. So much for the electorate. If Edmund Burke cud not make it clear, who can? The denseness and impatience of the electorate is self-defeating.

The fist category is not dangerous. He is an irritant, he has not got into his hands the constitutional power. He can be reined in thru strict executive action.

The most dangerous is the THIRD CATEGORY POLITICIAN, UNDER THE SUPERVISION OF THE SECOND CATEGORY. Functionally if one sees that combo, it is power in the hands of the second without accountability. The constitutional politician is at the bidding of the king-maker. The king-maker politician is removed from the epicentre of the issue. The constitutional politician when he fails, is made to resign and made a scape goat for all the failures. But behind the apparent constitutional system, was in reality running the writ of the Feudal politician, who goes scot-free. But if there is success, the constitutional politician surrenders all the credit to the king maker politician- that is the least he cud do for the favour of position bestowed on him, by the king maker politician.

INDIANS have to become more discerning in identifying that second category and wield the vote collectively to diminish their political power. In India the political power is not gathered thru open declarations of policy by the individual- like in the USA. The largest group vests the power in the hands of an individual mostly, subsequent to the elections.

As Indians, we shud insist that the person who is more likely to lead, shud be in constant communication with the people during crisis and at peace times. Reassuring the common man of the steps being taken and sometimes even his helplessness like what Winston Churchill did in his BLOOD,SWEAT and TEARS speech during the II World War.

So far as the Mumbai attack is concerned, it was the executive action which salvaged whatever was left. The politicians shud do their LEGISLATIVE JOBS and leave the running of the Government to the cabinet. The Government shud not interfere with the initiatives of the EXECUTIVE and shud encourage them to equip themselves for eventualities. So that we have a safer and productive country.



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