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OBAMA has made it. McCain has conceded and i shud say that his concession speech was more appealing than the acceptance speech of Barak Obama. McCain’s speech was crisp and besides thanking his supporters for having stood by him thru the days of campaigning, he also sought the co-operation of his supporters to the president-elect in the process of nation building. There was thankfulness for the opportunity he had received from the Republican party, and the pride that the battle was well fought. I was extremely impressed with the way he carried himself- DIGNIFIED in DEFEAT, and GRACIOUS in his CONCESSION. (In a lighter vein well in those trying circumstances he couldn’t have risen higher- somebody had to lose and it was his day!!)

OBAMA’s VICTORY SPEECH was too much clothed in euphemisms to make it palatable. He had to import that 106 year old lady and had to present the landmarks in the American History thru her eyes. He did not have the guts to mention the name of MARTIN LUTHER KING Jr., instead he made a reference to him AS THE PREACHER FROM ATLANTA. The speech was expected to be the culmination of the I HAVE A DREAM speech of that Atlanta priest. It was his dream that had taken shape and the USA has finally got a 50% African as the president. But i suppose his 50% WASP blood seems to have overruled such FLOURISHES.

What was mostly surprising was that both the vanquished and the victor had forgotten to thank GOD, in whom the US currencies scream to TRUST. Maybe they wanted to appease the Atheists and after all one cannot open new fronts for thanking when one has not invoked those names during the campaign. Suddenly invoking GOD’s name would have smacked of the ARROGANCE of the VICTOR. I’m sure that OBAMA has a lot to thank God for what he has been endowed with thru the democratic process.

Maybe the Vanquished and the Victor have realized that the screaming words on their currencies were sufficient to appease the GOD.

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