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What are the rights that are inherent to the user of a mobile phone with a connection?

Are these to be called as RIGHTS at all or merely the license, liberty to use the phone thru the network subscribed to?

I pay for the mobile, i pay the monthly bills for the usage, i am responsible for any misuse, i am answerable to the authorities etc..but the one who benefits is the MOBILE OPERATOR!

But the greatest INTRUDER is the cell phone company which, in the guise of creating options for me, starts bombarding me with pre-recorded calls, voice based calls which are not callable back, advertisement based calls even when i am on roaming, sms when received and when attempted to be deleted the option is FORWARD/DOWNLOAD etc!! The ECE graduates are employed by the hordes, to devise more and more ways to stealthily deprive INDIANS of money in a mass scale. One software programme, and all the 10 lac subscribers to the Co. are bombarded. Options are changed without the subscriber’s will. ALL WITH THE OSTENSIBLE REASON OF PROVIDING EASIER ACCESS. But when u wanna remove it, HEAVEN knows the difficulty and there are no software options for removal of those consequences- u have to talk to the CUSTOMER RELATIONS OFFICER!!!and he is scarce.

So much for their REVENUE MODEL.


YOU click the asterisk button while u r calling another person , and LO and BEHOLD u have deducted 30Rs for having chosen the ringtone of the called party. If one were to ask the cell phone operator, he wud say that they are creating easier options for affording the subscriber a ringtone, of his choice! But the fact that they NEVER WARNED us of the deductibility of Rs.30 P/M, till kingdom come, is not told us.

THe mobile operators are FLEECING without NOTICE.





Twins have different fathers Print E-mail

By Ionox, on 28-11-2007 08:23

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A chinese twin was created by two different fathers. The father, Lui Yuan, saw that there were a number of differences between the two children. One was tall, while the other one was short. One of the two was much weaker than the other. This was enough reason for Lui to question his sons.

The other child
The man discovered during the search to truth that both boys had different blood groups. After a DNA-test it became clear that one of the baby’s was his, but from who was the other kid?

Rare, but not impossible
The mother, Yuan, confessed that she indeed had sex with her ex. Doctors conclude that this is very rare, but not impossible. The sperm of the man can sit for 72 hours in the female body. By mixing it is possible which has now happened.


The above NEWS ITEM was cut and pasted from an article appearing on a website.

What is of interest is that in the GREEK/ROMAN mythology, there is a myth which goes as follows:-

Amphytrion is married to a woman called Alcmene. At the instance of Alcmene, her husband Amphytrion sets off to avenge the death of Alcmene’s brothers. In the absence of Amphytrion, Jupiter – the chief of all Roman Gods or Zeus of the Greek Gods- appears in the guise of the departed Amphytrion, and as was Jupiter’s proclivty has coitus with Alcmene.

Before Amphytrion’s departure Smt. Alcmene was pregnant with Amphytrion’s child. However upon the visit of Jupiter, she becomes pregnant again. Twins are born, a daughter and a son. The son being Hercules, and son of Jupiter.

Well to know more on this story one can read Plautus’ play on Amphytrion.

The issue that is to be brought to focus, in the light of the news clipping pasted above is that what was once imagined has been proved to be true. Knowledge is an expanding mass and none can make science(as on any given point of time)the basis, to deny the possibility of things uncommon/weird.

The other point is that, when a woman copulates with more than one man, it could lead to CONFUSION. It is , i suppose, the reason for devising concepts of Virginity, chastity etc. But now that men have been sufficiently moderated to accept many of women’s tantrums and peccadilloes, acceptance of another man’s child may not be that big an issue!

Even Amphytrion was mollified by Jupiter, when Jupiter predicted that his WIFE’S son HERCULES would achieve FAME.


Demystification ain’t beautiful,

of things beautiful.

Venus needn’t be adored,

but draw inspiration,

and leave intact the mystery.

Pulverizing a cut diamond,

is a handful of charcoal!


Should the government of India step in and bail out the two Airlines viz. Jet Airways and King Fisher Airlines and give them tax breaks and other benefits out of the tax payers’ money?

Both the Airlines had built up its clientèle of techies and executives who were living off the anxieties of the companies, which were pampering them with the hope that they would stick with them. Now that the party is on the wane and the writing is clearly on the wall, the clientèle has dramatically dwindled thereby bringing the squeeze.

It was not long ago, that the Low Cost Airlines (LCC) like Deccan, Go Air, Spice Jet etc had brought revolution in the skies and middle class persons were able to cut down the time of travel, to distances beyond a rail overnight journey, and get a whiff of maximizing the short leave granted to them in their work places. Our Hero who has assiduously built up an elitist image of himself and was keen on bringing in the reflection of his image to his Airlines, seduced Capt. Gopinath and thereby killed the benefits of the opening, created by the visionary zeal of Capt. Gopinath.

Today only the wealthy and the super-skilled who are sumptuously employed can afford air travel. This monopoly attempted to be established by our Hero has fallen flat.

Our hero was an NRI, as per paper reports, and had built his Brand to such dizzying heights that it may not be difficult to plough back the profits of his liquor business and off-set the PUTATIVE losses incurred by his Airlines. Yet he has the gall to ask the Govt. of India to permit him to put his hand into the national till. He had done great disservice to Indians by not only keeping his airlines elitist, but has predated with utter impunity and attempted a monopoly.

The new found friend is the largest share-holder of a company registered outside India. So therefore here we have a recipe for 2 NRIs to come together- use the cash rich companies which send their employees by an elitist airline conglomerate- and write expense accounts and show operational losses.

In the US, they have severe laws like The Sherman Act 1890, The Clayton Act 1914(?) to restrain such TYING UP agreements, so that competition is not stifled. But here in India we have MRTP Act and Competition Act etc., yet none seems to bring out the evil designs of such activities, which are done so openly. We all know that Judge Jackson had arrived at the formulation of splitting up MICROSOFT because their WEB BROWSER business was tied up inextricably with their WINDOWS 98 to the overall detriment of INNOVATION and GROWTH. Had it not been for George Bush Jr., the mammoth wud have been split up a long time back.

But here in India we do not have a conscience that works against this monopolistic forces which would bring them within the mischief of the text of the Acts passed by the legislatures.

The least that we can do, is to check up the Corporate Taxes and Direct Taxes paid out of these two Airlines and see if there have been substantial revenues generated to the country in the past years (but not thru indirect taxes), since their inception, and then take a view based on the contributions made to the national exchequer.

Losses can be generated if one is bent upon building an image without the sustaining power to maintain the image, based on performance.

It is time for Capt. Gopinath to revive the zeal and create a new low cost carrier.


The only two metro cities that are so proximate, in India, that could be traversed to and fro by road the same day are Chennai and Bangalore. Both the cities are so different, that it is worth traveling as often as possible, just to savour the difference.

The road route from Chennai would be Sriperumbudur, Kanchipuram, Ranipet/Arcot, Vellore, Ambur, Vaniyambadi, Krishnagiri, Hosur and Bangalore. This is if one wishes to travel availing of the NHAI(National Highways Authority of India) toll Road. The alternate route via Walajhapet, Chittoor, Kolar and Bangalore is not a two-carriage way and the road is not exactly a driver’s delight. The NHAI route is preferable on the count of driver’s comfort and also on the count that one gets to feel the variegated spread of the towns and cities of Tamil Nadu.

One of the most famous cases in the Environmental Law is the case popularly called the Vellore Citizen’s Forum case, wherein the rationale for clean environment for the citizens of a locality has been nicely balanced vis-a-vis growth. When one passes by Vellore, one is reminded of this case law. The towns of Ambur, Vaniyambadi etc are centres of leather processing units. In Ambur there is a Restaurant called Khaja, which serves decent Biryani. Beside this restaurant is another Restaurant called TAJ, a joint which is sparsely visited by the locals and therefore may not be of even the levels of Khaja Restaurant. For the vegetarians there is SHANKAR’S CAFE– which serves tiffin (a Tamil nomer for snacks!) till 11 in the morning and MEALS thereafter. But on the whole, the cleanliness in both these restaurants leave a lot to be desired.

Ambur, being the mid-way between the metros mentioned above, happens to be the stopping point of most of the travelers who do this stretch. So to be familiar with the eating joints at Ambur may be helpful. At noon, there is a place where good biryani is stated to be available on the bus station side viz. STAR BIRYANI. I was not in the least impressed with what they dish out.

May it be said as a word of caution that the Biryani available in Ambur is not a patch on the Biryani available at KARIM’S at Delhi or at Hyderabad. The aroma of the biryani from KARIM’S at Jumma Masjid lingers and wafts forever in one’s mind much after one has consumed. That is a class in itself and the food fit for Emperors, as claimed by them, is truly being served at KARIM’S.

The by-passes built by the NHAI allows one to side-step most of the towns except Ambur and that is one more reason why one can have a repast there.

Coming to the differences between Chennai and Bangalore, Chennai is the capital of the state that could legitimately boast itself of being the state which uses the only LIVE classical INTERNATIONAL language of India. Bangalore is likely to become the state HQ of the third classical language of India- Kannada.

People in Chennai are hard-working and the weather conditions make it difficult for persons to be in bed beyond sunrise. Whereas, Bangalore has a perennially clement weather which gives a greater latitude for persons to pursue their proclivities- therefore MAXIMIZING profits is the priority of the denizens. A plumbing, electrical, carpentry work for half-a-day could cost one a cool Rs.750/- and there are agencies which live off these semi-skilled labourers in Bangalore. So the Time of even the least of all the inhabitants of Bangalore is precious.

Chennai, during 11 months in a year, has steamy hot weather. The reprieve, if any, is felt only during the months of December and January. But it has its charms, like the Marina Beach on a drizzly evening is a delight incomparable. It brings wetness to the soil and moisture to the soul- which make men go on the hop and women the whole hog!!

Bangalore has many malls which open so early that it is not uncommon for young boys and girls to land up in the morning and laze till night fall. Bangalore is cosmopolitan and it is the least fanatical of its language or its culture/heritage. One can manage with Tamil, Kannada, Hindi, Malayalam, Telugu and English. Every person is a polyglot- I sometimes wonder in which language these polyglots think!

There is not a single road like Brigade Road or MG road in Chennai to match the city of Bangalore. The goods are overpriced and tastefully displayed- yet it is a pleasant experience esp. for the youth.

More than anything else if u do anything differently in Bangalore, it runs the risk of becoming FASHION; but if u do anything differently in Chennai u are likely to get sniggers and scowls. In Bangalore WHAT WAS DONE is important,in Chennai WHO DID WHAT is important. Bangalore is not only less regulated than Chennai, but also less JUDGMENTAL.

The best combination is to shuttle between these two cities for work in Chennai and spend the weekends in Bangalore; but shuttle in a BMW VII series!

God help me.

Achilles heel

Everyone who is faintly acquainted with the Greek mythology, knows that Achilles, who was one of the heroes of the Trojan war, had a weakness that was illogical. But many may not know the story behind it. Thetis, mother of Achilles, to make her son invulnerable held her son by his heels and dipped him in the river Styx( ?). Achilles became invulnerable in all the places where the river Styx’ water came into contact- except where his mother had held him-his heels.

The place where he was held by became his most vulnerable point.

The tragedy was not because of his vulnerability at that spot, but because his opponents came to know of it and exploited it to their advantage.

There is a parallel in the Indian epic MAHABHARATA, where Duryodhana had become vulnerable in the area not exposed to his mother’s sight, when she suffused him with invincibility except for the portion (thigh and loins?) not exposed to her view. The area not viewed by his mother becomes his weak point. Bhima took advantage of that.

I’m sure there must be other parallels in various epics carrying the same concept.

But what amazes me is the myth of Achilles. The point ATTACHED to his mother becomes the very root cause of him getting killed. It is the attachment of the umbilical cord which provides the nutrition to the child and that severance is required for the child to start its life on its own. It is cut , as we all know, at birth. Likewise, despite all the anxieties and fears of one’s mother, it is essential -for the child’s weal -that the mother lets go.

Achilles lost even the minimum natural strength, that was inherent in anyone’s heel. The point of attachment became his doom.

But why did not Achilles realize his weak spot? His mom probably never knew and never had the means to know, in any case Achilles was not forewarned.

The idea is that none succeeds where he/she endeavours to beat the natural order of things. Seeking INVINCIBILITY and therefore DEATHLESSNESS, would be against the natural order. Thetis was trying for that. Had she let go of her son, he wud have suffocated to death in the river Styx & probably Achilles would have died then and there itself and ended as a footnote to a mother’s greed!

In any case, in a man, the point attached to a woman has to be snipped at the point of integration of the self, to achieve even the MINIMUM CAPABILITY of that organ! Otherwise the very point of attachment becomes so weak that anyone having knowledge thereof wud be able to destroy him.

dawning manhood

Split down and in the middle

my groping hand abruptly ends,

no diverting forks,

looking for nothing beyond!

My breath stops and skips

my mind’s eye opens,

to see what i yearn to see.

A third eye for the new head.

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