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By Ionox, on 28-11-2007 08:23

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A chinese twin was created by two different fathers. The father, Lui Yuan, saw that there were a number of differences between the two children. One was tall, while the other one was short. One of the two was much weaker than the other. This was enough reason for Lui to question his sons.

The other child
The man discovered during the search to truth that both boys had different blood groups. After a DNA-test it became clear that one of the baby’s was his, but from who was the other kid?

Rare, but not impossible
The mother, Yuan, confessed that she indeed had sex with her ex. Doctors conclude that this is very rare, but not impossible. The sperm of the man can sit for 72 hours in the female body. By mixing it is possible which has now happened.


The above NEWS ITEM was cut and pasted from an article appearing on a website.

What is of interest is that in the GREEK/ROMAN mythology, there is a myth which goes as follows:-

Amphytrion is married to a woman called Alcmene. At the instance of Alcmene, her husband Amphytrion sets off to avenge the death of Alcmene’s brothers. In the absence of Amphytrion, Jupiter – the chief of all Roman Gods or Zeus of the Greek Gods- appears in the guise of the departed Amphytrion, and as was Jupiter’s proclivty has coitus with Alcmene.

Before Amphytrion’s departure Smt. Alcmene was pregnant with Amphytrion’s child. However upon the visit of Jupiter, she becomes pregnant again. Twins are born, a daughter and a son. The son being Hercules, and son of Jupiter.

Well to know more on this story one can read Plautus’ play on Amphytrion.

The issue that is to be brought to focus, in the light of the news clipping pasted above is that what was once imagined has been proved to be true. Knowledge is an expanding mass and none can make science(as on any given point of time)the basis, to deny the possibility of things uncommon/weird.

The other point is that, when a woman copulates with more than one man, it could lead to CONFUSION. It is , i suppose, the reason for devising concepts of Virginity, chastity etc. But now that men have been sufficiently moderated to accept many of women’s tantrums and peccadilloes, acceptance of another man’s child may not be that big an issue!

Even Amphytrion was mollified by Jupiter, when Jupiter predicted that his WIFE’S son HERCULES would achieve FAME.

Comments on: "AMPHYTRION" (2)

  1. Sushma said:

    This is indeed something which even can be traced in Indian mythology. I find events explained in detail in Ramayana regarding Ahilya where she was cheated by the king of Gods-Indra. The so called similarity in these two stories only show that the woman in any era is the most vulnerable. No amount of pretension can really make this look smaller.


  2. movid said:

    Hi Sushma,
    Women get cheated and men get seduced. The only difference is that, woman’s mind is put to sleep. In this case, since Jupiter appeared in the form of Amphytrion , Alcmene must have consented.
    In the case of men, they are seduced and thereby robbed of their WILL POWER to withstand the sensual attack launched by the Mohinis.
    Therefore vulnerability is not just the excuse of women alone.
    Men are equally vulnerable, but in a different way, Samson, had enough warning, yet he was robbed of his will to even LIVE. Delilah VEXED HIM UNTO DEATH- by asking him where his strength lay. Then did what wud deprive him of his strength. Antony’s dereliction of duty could be attributed to Cleopatra’s enticement and guile.
    To make this a gender issue wud be to merely to advance one of the postulates propagated by the feminists.


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