Here Charitable Individualism is the key!… nothing less.


Entertaining a doubt is premature acclimatization of the mind for defeat!

When u don’t know how good the field is,

or how high the bar is set,

how can a competitor presuppose a negative result, instead of getting ready for it?

Comments on: "DOUBT?" (3)

  1. When we are exposed to any kind of consistency the brain has this tendency to adapt. Neural pathways gets created to accommodate smooth flow of information within the mind. This is not absolute. It constantly evolves and gets better/deteriorates depending on the level of challenges you expose yourself too.

    Presuppositions springs from religious dogma, or self esteem. These presuppositions over a period of time become pathways in itself since the mind tends to meditate on this constantly.

    When thoughts or ideas travel in the pathway of presupposition it does not connect with the intellect. These pathways, on most occasions, lead to the waste bin in the mind.

    That is why Paul talks about the renewal of the mind. Paul was a mind guy, who constantly disturbed patterns, hence one finds a streak of zaniness in his writing… but when one does reflect the text with the context it should make immense sense..


  2. movid said:

    hi ben,
    I like yr explanation of ‘neural pathways’ and the smooth accommodation they provide for flow of info. But how are these pathways cut in one’s mind? I suppose, an idea/thing sticks to one’s mind and by association collects to itself all related/ associated stuff , which in turn makes a deep IMPRESSION and the impression becomes the core of that mind.
    So far as Paul was concerned, he was the slime-ball, who to establish himself as the one chosen by the Risen Lord Himself, debunked the original Apostles( cf. Paul’s upbraiding peter for his dissimulation), whereas, he himself says that one shud refrain from eating food offered to idols in the presence of weaker brethren because it may offend such persons. Hence Peter might have got up and left eating with the gentiles, as that might have offended the sentiments of the Jewish Christians. Sorry that Peter was not willful like Moses( Miriam/Korah) and did not get a punishment heaped on the head of Paul.
    Further, Paul took full advantage of his Roman citizenship to escape from the impending sufferings for christ.
    Besides, his statement , rather a wish that God do unto the Coppersmith according to his deeds ( wishing ill), hardly seems christian.
    Paul was a great exponent, but by no means a Christian whose life is worth emulating.


  3. Paul is more of a party pooper a very important character in the plot, he likes to stick his neck out and demand attention by toggling between legalism and grace. He is a pivot, but for him we will have to sup with the cotton candies provided by John and his ilk. Paul gives us the meat, often times badly cooked, but meat.


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