Here Charitable Individualism is the key!… nothing less.


Courage, i sometimes muse, is the greatest of virtues- as this would impel a person to seek out excellence or would be sought out and crowned. David might have been a shepherd boy, but the spirit of God drove Samuel to seek him out. It could have been Courage, confined to shepherding, but divine will seeks out the courageous. Jephthah, was one. Gideon was another.
Or are the examples cited, just a post facto reasoning justifying their elevation?  None can be certain.

Do we have data of those who had the courage, but were left out for other reasons?

In the absence of such data is it right to come to such an inescapable conclusion, or is it just an exercise of the human mind to look for some trait and certify that trait to be the cause of all good things that followed?
But one can believe in anything, as it is not subject to absolute and objective reasoning. Further it could be a choice which hurts none and hence none has the locus-standi to object to such reasoning.
The trouble is only when such a conclusion is clothed as a scientific and unimpeachable fact!

All beliefs that do not bring  harm to the individual or the society, should be ignored by the society and ought to be supported at the individual level.

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