Here Charitable Individualism is the key!… nothing less.

The lost self

For her it was going back to find -if she could find -what she had lost.

She was only sure of having lost something. But what, when, where and to whom she had no clue.
Her journey back to him was to find out if she could pick up the clues to what she could have lost.

Either with the hope that he might ask her about something which she could gather as having been noticed by him then, and now not with her.

And then retrace the time of loss, from the silence of the men who made no mention of it.
So her journey was a search trip, but the fool thought that it was a return of the prodigal for good.

He tried his best to entertain her, but he noticed her always looking for something.

An observer, instead of a participant. This puzzled him.

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