Here Charitable Individualism is the key!… nothing less.


Woman! Surrender your will, communicate your thoughts, fears, hopes and schemes- but hope not to get a feedback till the work is done; silently pray for his weal more than yours;

whether u knit your soul to his or not, knit with his fortunes which engenders greater trust;

and most of all scabbard his sword but drain him not to inaction- for he is thy hope and vehicle to yr fortune and peace.

Not for nothing that Abraham was called LORD by Sarah!

Comments on: "PREACHY MCP" (1)

  1. This ought to be Biblical. Did you know that a woman is referred to as a well or a cistern and man as a fountain.. sure got its sexual connotations. That aside man the fountain throbs with a burning desire to perform or act and the woman ought to be still as a ‘well’, ready to replenish.


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