Here Charitable Individualism is the key!… nothing less.

Hamlet had an opportunity while he found his uncle praying- did nothing and repented later.

David saw Saul asleep and did not kill him.That brought him the tribe of Benjamin later.

If God be with us, whatever we do would turn out fine.

Does it mean God wasn’t with Hamlet? It is not a conclusive inference- man is only granted the liberty to act and if he doesn’t exercise it for positive activity, he is not granted divine favours.

Hamlet merely regretted his inaction and did nothing further, but David sustained his activity and also took advantage of his generosity by announcing to Saul how his life was in David’s hand.

Comments on: "INACTIVITY breeds DESPAIR" (2)

  1. strange coinciendence… I was so badly pissed of after my training session today. The crowd was big,tired, and unintelligent. I never prepare my script, but i do some slides as a fall back. I prefer going slow for the first 10 mts and then groove in. But today was a dud. I had problems motivating myself, i groped, floundered and fell flat. so bloody disappointed..

    I made a passing mention about an important activity.. a young boy walked up to me and started asking questions… In fact I took up the Arujuna and Krishna dialogue cheek by jowl with Hamlets imbroglio, just to give him a preview of the joy one gets out of grappling with thoughts…

    Then I read about David, Hamlet and momentum…


  2. movid said:

    Ben, coincidences don’t end between persons who travel the same course at the same wavelength. Pl. lookout for more co-incidences.
    good luck


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