Here Charitable Individualism is the key!… nothing less.

God is with the humble. Truly so, as the humble are the least willful, and any good that happens to them cannot be explained logically except by attributing divine intervention. Therefore when the humble are elevated, the masses are to be convinced that it is good to be humble and without any other trait or effort they could also be elevated in their due time.

There have been more humble people who have never left their station in life, than those who rose- thru that trait alone.

Humility is the ultimate expression of fear. There is nothing that is more demeaning to human spirit than HUMILITY. Humility of the spirit is when a person is thoroughly beaten by all the forces around. Moses, who was raised in the palace was weakened to such an extent in 40 years of wilderness life, that when God asks him to talk- he says he can’t. Such is the work of the forces that beat a man’s spirit to pulp. He feels that he has nothing to contribute, no purpose to achieve and nowhere to go.
In this state of disintegration there arises sometimes an illogical spirit, which if it is allowed to lead him may lead to power, but oftentimes to madness and delusion.
Rarely like moses, to a combination of both!

Comments on: "HUMILITY OF THE SPIRIT" (1)

  1. Vikrant said:

    A person is humble when he does not blow his own trumpet; that means he has done something, in the first place, worth blowing a trumpet for. Humility can actually be someone’s trait who has contributed, has a purpose to achieve and heading towards some self defined goal. Humility is a devine, rare and novel characteristic of human being which needs to be preserved and promoted.

    Do not u think that many traits like the one we are discussing, viz. emotion, and all other traits governed by heart, are always been considered as deterrent to “materialistic” growth of person.


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