The cub asked the lioness, why can’t they hunt down a rhino and eat its meat. The lioness said that its meat isn’t tasty.

The cub- which had grown to a lion- met a rhino grazing alone. So, as it happened a few years after the question had occurred, wanted to find out if the rhino’s meat was that bad. So he ventured to ambush the rhino. Swiftly he clambered over the rhino and attempted a mouthful of grab, but the pachyderm in one swipe dislodged him and while still in the air, charged and tossed him in the air.

The lion scampered back to his pride, with some sensible ideas.

He fathered many a cub, and one of those iconoclast cubs asked him, ‘why not hunt and eat a rhino?’.

Said the wise old lion, ‘ its meat isn’t tasty.’ – with a silent prayer, god if my cub ventures, let him come out safe!

Some experiences can’t be transmitted thru WORDS.

But if one survives long enough, one arrives at the truth untold, yet his answer to the question, will be the same as that of the previous generation’s.