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The radio channel meow at Delhi has been kitschy and the pussies had emboldened the DJs to bring up for discussion polemic topics. One such was CONFESSIONS OF ADDICTION AND DISCUSSION THEREOF. This was on 8th aug 2007 at 8pm. The dj ginny was effervescently  treading on shores not familiar. Yet, when one has taken upon oneself the task of hosting a kitschy show, one has to ignore deeper truths and keep the audience on the surface.
Further the avowed espousal of women’s agenda by the channel had attracted a lot of hare brained comments from chicks who neither are competent to understand nor willing to submit to sense! Entered a stoned guy,who aptly identified himself as Monty and addressed ginny as dr. Ginny. She said she was not a dr. Monty said he thought she was. Ginny was considering that to be a mistaken fact and correcting him. In a low voice he asked if she had had any experience on addiction. When she said in the negative, he said ‘ oh it’s yr opinion’ so all yr listeners are voicing their opinions and u are just offering offhand over the counter solutions? Ain’t it? The effervescence of ginny subsided and within seconds deflated. She was led by her nose by the caller to the realization- babe quick to yr call of kitsch and do not yap on weaknesses and disabilities of individuals, esp assuming a high moral ground. The delight was the way Monty entered the show without causing any flutter and drew ginny out of her smug shell of febrile feminism, and exposed the show to be one of idiotic opinions!

Comments on: "opinions passed off for counselling" (2)

  1. Vikrant said:

    how come you were tuned in to such a radio show? anyway, a person who host a show on radio is called a RJ (radio jockey) and not DJ (Disc Jockey)..hope thats a typo error!!


  2. movid said:

    hi vik,maybe u r right, But the disc forms the basis of their music, therefore thought they were interchangeably used. In any case DJ is commoner than RJ , i haven’t heard anyone using RJ often enough to use it


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